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SEO, or search engine optimization is the art and science of getting your web page or website ranked as highly as possible in the search engines, especially Google. It is also an abbreviation for search engine optimizer, a professional who makes his or her living doing the same.

Search engines compile information about the World Wide Web and then bring out results relevant to the terms you type into the search box.  Basically, they surf the web so you don’t have to, and they do it in record seo terms | seo definitions | seo definition | seotime. Technically, a search engine is any program that retrieves information, but for our purposes. We are focusing on the ones that operate on the World Wide Web.

Backlinks are simply links that point back to your site. Backlinks figure heavily into how well your pages rank in the search engines.

Anchor text refers to the words that make up a text link. A link that says “click here”, has “click here” as its anchor text. Anchor text is important in determining what keywords your site will index for. Read the rest of this entry

If you want to become number one in your niche market, it is paramount toIncrease Web Traffic increase web traffic to your site, to create brand recognition and to build authority. If you want to brand yourself in specific markets, there are five steps you can take to be the go-to person in your niche market.

1. Create content for the search engines

By creating good content laden with SEO keywords, you can brand yourself as an authority in your target market. You can start by searching for other businesses in your niche. Pay close attention to the keywords that they are using over and over again. If you see the same keywords on the first page, you know that these words are working. Read the rest of this entry

Getting targeted traffic to your site is easy if you know how to do it. One very effective strategy is to use backlinks.

Backlinks are your website links that are displayed on another website. These links literally point back to your site from the host site. If the host site has a high ranking in search engines, you will get more traffic from the exposure.

Using backlinks makes good business sense, and there are different approaches you can take to increase your site’s ranking in search engines and draw loads of traffic to your site.

1. Post in forums and message boards

Participate in niche-related forums and message boards to bring traffic to your website. Most forums allow you to post your link in your signature line, and curious posters will click on your link to check out your site. The higher the site’s ranking, the more visible your site will be. Read the rest of this entry

As an Internet marketer, keywords are a vital aspect of your marketing campaign. Your entire website revolves around keywords. Your title, your content, and your meta tags are all dependent on keywords. What most marketers do not realize is that the importance of keywords and how they relate to the success of your website is a lot deeper than just that.

Keywords play a crucial role in how your website is ranked with search engines. They are the determining factor for relevancy. Basically, a person will search for a specific term or phrase. The search engine then trolls through the thousands and thousands of websites and tons of information on the Internet to provide the most relevant results to those particular keywords. Read the rest of this entry

Have you ever wondered just what makes blogs successful? Every blogger started out the same way, tediously working on design and constantly adding content. They become the most popular blogs because of several different things. True, it’s a well-known fact that content must be added regularly, but there’s more to it than just that. Let’s break it down.

Success Secret 1: Usefulness

A blog must have a purpose – it must be useful. Your blog must provide valuable information for readers. In the same aspect, your blog must provide thus useful information regularly. The most popular blogs have informative content added in a pattern – like a schedule. This works in two ways. First, your readers will return to see what you’ve added. Second, your blog is picked up by search engines when you add new content that is relevant to the keywords. Read the rest of this entry

by Louis-Charles Martel

You are in need of email addresses and you need them fast. Being in business does not mean you can just sit around and wait for blessing to knock on your doors. No, business is about knowing precisely what to do to get customers to come to you and giving them a reason to come back. Better yet, make them come back with more customers with them when they do. This article would discuss five easy yet effective ways to build you email list quickly. In record time, that is!

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No matter how good your copy is, and no matter how smart and creative you are, without traffic, you are dead.  The fancy graphics don’t matter, the best products don’t matter either if you are not getting anyone to see the website.  Traffic is always the end game for anyone trying to publish ads or sell anything on the web.  It seems like its a mystery to most, as most products sold on the web focuses on content, PPC (which is not bad, but also very hard to get right), or management products to help with productivity.  Very few actually work on where the heck you get traffic from.

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Any Internet Marketer worth his computer knows that keywords are the life blood of their income. Keywords are what Internet searchers type into search engines. It’s these words that our site’s need to be optimized for if we hope to earn extra money online. A site that is not keyword optimized is a site that’s not making money.

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There are probably a lot of dreams about blogging for profit around in this world, and it is not an unachievable objective for someone with a normal knowledge who is prepared to go “the extra mile” and has some basic understanding of the technical side of blogging. Even so, few manage to make an income from their blog. Almost all people who try to make money with their blogs do not achieve their goals. There are two reasons for this: Generally, bloggers have unrealistic hopes of how quickly their readership will increase and then there is the usually exaggerated expectation of making a lot of money. As a result, if these two points are not met the failure can destroy their will to carry on blogging. However, there is another issue many bloggers have. It is inadequate planning. If you want to make some profit as a blogger, a practical plan is paramount, and you have to stick with it.

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