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Whenever you go into any niche market, your goal should be to dominate and “own” that specific market. Otherwise, you are probably wasting your time, energy and money. If you want to conquer your competition, there are five key focus areas that will make you stand head and shoulders above the rest.

Do competitive analysis.

Before you begin any project, take some time to determine what others are doing and how you can do it better. niche market | niche marketing | niche | affiliate marketingIf you study your competition, you will be able to determine their weak spots so you can convert their weaknesses into your strengths. Go to trade shows, subscribe to the newsletters, get on their mailing lists and buy their products. Do a Google search to see how they compare to other marketers in the same niche market. Join niche-related forums and see what their customers are saying about their products. Furthermore, going to seminars and conferences and spending some time talking to your competition is a good idea. A lot of ideas are exchanged after hours during dinner or at the bar. Embrace your competition, and you will learn a lot.

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Visiting forums and Google Groups is a simple and good way to become successful in affiliate marketing. These places are where your prospects hang out. Create a user ID at a couple of forums and/or join a relevant Google group. Don’t try and sell your products to anyone at first – just hang out and listen.

Forums and egroups are great ways to know what the people in your niche think and feel about new news and products in your niche. It is also a great way to find out what needs are not being met for them. You can help your niche and yaffiliate marketing | affiliate | niche marketing | blogging toolsourself by finding (or creating…) a product that solves a problem that is not being solved, or meeting some other need that is not being met.

You can also see what they think of news in your niche, and what products it might suggest, and what they think of currently available products. If they are particularly skeptical or resentful of current efforts to market to them, take note and avoid other marketers’ mistakes when you make your own efforts which in return will help your affiliate marketing success tremendously.

Make use of social bookmarking sites.  Most affiliate marketers know how useful social bookmarking sites can be for driving traffic to their pages. However, these sites can also help you stay current with your niche. Read the rest of this entry

Once you have conducted your research and have formulated your competitive intelligence, you are ready to take the first step forward to a successful niche marketing. Dominating your niche market is a process, and the worst thing you can do is get “comfortable” with your marketing. It must be consistent to be effective.

niche marketing | niche market | make money online | affiliate marketingThere are seven important steps in the process of dominating your niche and your marketing efforts. Follow these steps, and you will increase your chances of prospering. Ignore or skip a step, and it could affect your total niche marketing plan.

1. Create your celebrity.

Reputation means everything in Internet marketing. Establish yourself as an authority, offer free advice and brand your name. Take advantage of Web 2.0 to create brand recognition. Blog, post videos to YouTube and do interviews to enhance your reputation. Web 2.0 is your key to creating visibility. Read the rest of this entry

So you have got some old content that you never used and half a dozen PLR packages that you never even opened, just laying around taking up space on your hard drive. Maybe you are frustrated you bought the content and never used it, or feeling silly that you even bought that 27-niche super-discount pack of PLR articles. Well, it’s time to increase traffic to your blog by turning this random content into targeted content.

And it’s time to quit feeling bad. Because you can put this content to work and turn it into targeted content – and you don’t even have to buy hosting or a domain name!

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If you want to use Web 2.0 properties to make money online, you need to get people off of them and onto your sales, affiliate sales or squeeze pages ASAP. Here are three keys to making it work.

Make it ugly? You are not making your Web 2.0 pages in order to impress anybody or win any awards. You are using them to make money! It follows that all of your effort, then, needs to go into making that money – and that none of it needs to go into the aesthetic experience!

Don’t use any of the bells and whistles provided by your Web 2.0 site, unless those bells and whistles can make you some money. If you use video, make sure it not only relates to your niche, but your product as well. And make sure it relates to people wanting to buy that product, which is paramount.

If you use images, you will mostly need only product images. This can be a “portrait” of the product or of someone using the product. There is no need for cute animated GIFs or anything “cute”.

Don’t entertain them. You don’t want to entertain your readers with content, either. When you are targeting a buying key phrase, keep all information focused on that product or the problems it solves. If you are building a list, make the content about the benefits of your list and/or the solutions it offers. Read the rest of this entry

So you finally got your niche site up. You put up ten, maybe fifteen or twenty pages of content about your niche and put some damn good affiliate links on those pages. You have sent out some articles to get good organic backlinks, traded a few links here and there.

Maybe you discreetly bought some links to your site to give it that extra push to get that consistent website traffic. Then you made a couple of blog posts on a good site like Blogger, linked back to your site, and pinged it. You moved on to another site and waited for a while so that your first site could get out of the sandbox.

Finally, after a while, it made it! Your site has a little bit of age on it, and Google shows a bit of love. A few people see your site and maybe decide to link to it — you have probably even been socially bookmarked. The site is starting to rank well with Google, and you are making a few affiliate sales, maybe even a lot. Read the rest of this entry

Many people have discovered that blogs have become the newest way to earn an income. There are quite a few misconceptions about blogging for profit that cause more than half of the people who start blogging for this reason to fail. Most of the information that people find has to do with hyped up sales pitches that boast instant or overnight riches. Because of the state of the economy, there are thousands of people every day that are trying to find out how they can earn an income using their computer and Internet connection. While blogging for profit is a reachable means of reaching this desire, you should know that there are a few mistakes that you can prevent that will help you work towards completing your goals successfully.

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When you have a business related blog, it is important to make it as successful as you can to ensure the greatest exposure. There are four fundamental aspects of a blog that will help with this effort. Learning how to blog successfully using the ideals and tips that correspond with these fundamentals. In learning how to blog, these four aspects will govern how popular your blog is through your identity, the direction that your blog follows, and how sought-after your blog is and will be in the future.

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Finding the right niche seems like a daunting task for many newcomers. There are so many different markets in Internet marketing that it is easy to see why there is such a huge turnaround. The problem is that a lot of beginners don’t know what to look for and wind up picking a niche that they cannot possibly be successful with. Just because a niche exists doesn’t mean that each marketer is ideal for working with it. When you are trying to find the right niche, there are a few tips that you can keep in mind.

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Today, there are many blogs and websites about blogs on the Internet. As a result, it might be difficult to differentiate your website from the ones of your competitors. It doesn’t matter if you are beginning a new website for bloggers or if you want to make your existing one more special, finding your niche is always the most crucial part for building and running a site which will appeal to the blogging community. If you are able to present your niche in a completely different and matchless style in comparison to the other websites, you will start becoming an authority in your niche, hence you will begin building loyal and lasting followers within the web surfer’s community. Having determined your niche however, will mean a lot of work for you, but it has got you a place in the blogging world where you now can start.

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