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Whenever you go into any niche market, your goal should be to dominate and “own” that specific market. Otherwise, you are probably wasting your time, energy and money. If you want to conquer your competition, there are five key focus areas that will make you stand head and shoulders above the rest.

Do competitive analysis.

Before you begin any project, take some time to determine what others are doing and how you can do it better. niche market | niche marketing | niche | affiliate marketingIf you study your competition, you will be able to determine their weak spots so you can convert their weaknesses into your strengths. Go to trade shows, subscribe to the newsletters, get on their mailing lists and buy their products. Do a Google search to see how they compare to other marketers in the same niche market. Join niche-related forums and see what their customers are saying about their products. Furthermore, going to seminars and conferences and spending some time talking to your competition is a good idea. A lot of ideas are exchanged after hours during dinner or at the bar. Embrace your competition, and you will learn a lot.

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Visiting forums and Google Groups is a simple and good way to become successful in affiliate marketing. These places are where your prospects hang out. Create a user ID at a couple of forums and/or join a relevant Google group. Don’t try and sell your products to anyone at first – just hang out and listen.

Forums and egroups are great ways to know what the people in your niche think and feel about new news and products in your niche. It is also a great way to find out what needs are not being met for them. You can help your niche and yaffiliate marketing | affiliate | niche marketing | blogging toolsourself by finding (or creating…) a product that solves a problem that is not being solved, or meeting some other need that is not being met.

You can also see what they think of news in your niche, and what products it might suggest, and what they think of currently available products. If they are particularly skeptical or resentful of current efforts to market to them, take note and avoid other marketers’ mistakes when you make your own efforts which in return will help your affiliate marketing success tremendously.

Make use of social bookmarking sites.  Most affiliate marketers know how useful social bookmarking sites can be for driving traffic to their pages. However, these sites can also help you stay current with your niche. Read the rest of this entry

Once you have conducted your research and have formulated your competitive intelligence, you are ready to take the first step forward to a successful niche marketing. Dominating your niche market is a process, and the worst thing you can do is get “comfortable” with your marketing. It must be consistent to be effective.

niche marketing | niche market | make money online | affiliate marketingThere are seven important steps in the process of dominating your niche and your marketing efforts. Follow these steps, and you will increase your chances of prospering. Ignore or skip a step, and it could affect your total niche marketing plan.

1. Create your celebrity.

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Quite simply explained, niche marketing is when you have a selected group of people that you are choosing to target as potential customers. A niche market is a smaller portion of the larger base of customers. Businesses choose niche marketing when they know that there is a specific niche group within this large customer base that is not getting their specific product or service needs fulfilled.

When you are using niche marketing as part of your Internet marketing strategy, which is extremely popular these days, you are finding a way to maximize your global exposure. You learn how to use search engines, websites, blogs and so many more tools that allow you to directly target a particular niche group. Niche marketing is a rather simple concept to understand if it is explained properly.

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Any Internet Marketer worth his computer knows that keywords are the life blood of their income. Keywords are what Internet searchers type into search engines. It’s these words that our site’s need to be optimized for if we hope to earn extra money online. A site that is not keyword optimized is a site that’s not making money.

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A lot of newbies are unsure of how article marketing works.The details are actually quite easy to understand.You get traffic by submitting articles.While this is the basic formula, it is often much harder. Article marketing is a great way to get traffic and help in the search engines but it needs help.Submitting your articles to the top article directories will help boost your rating with the major search engines

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