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by Brian J Williams

Email marketing programs are a revolutionary means of communicating created by the advances in web 2.0 technology. With the increase of e-commerce as a result of these same technological innovations, email is now one of the most important means of marketing products and services through the internet. Through email, companies and businesses have a time effective means of reaching many potential consumers. Through email, marketing copies get delivered directly to a persons inbox; companies no longer have to wait for consumers to come across their ads in the internet.

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by Wade Henderson

A few years ago we saw the birth of the dot com era, to which we provided tools for detecting and generating demand destined to software and service companies. We want to share here a few things we learned in terms of using Internet Marketing.

First of all, think the way your customers think. They do not use the internet to interact with brands or companies. They use it for various purposes: doing research, sharing with others, or just for the fun of it

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by Brian Terry

The most effective way of making money through internet marketing is by list building. List building basically means making customers out of strangers. Once you understand the strategies and learn how to effectively build your list, you can use your knowledge to market to both clients and prospects alike. Here are four of the proven ways guaranteed to build your list:

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by Harry Zindel

No matter how small or how big your operation is you need all the help you can get. It is true there are millions and millions of potential buyers on the Internet. They are there for the picking twenty four hours a day and every day.

This doesn’t mean you can sit back and relax. Prospectives have to be enticed and encouraged to take notice of your ads. Once they have read your advertisements they must be convinced it would be a good thing if they supplied their email address. When you have them on your opt-in list you have to turn your prospectives into customers who spend money. This doesn’t just happen it’s called opt advertising.

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by Frank Vandy

How many times have you heard an internet guru telling you “the money is in the list”? The truth is, they are right. You need a large and active list to be successful, but you also need a solid plan to build that business.

Unfortunately, telling you that you need a big and active list is not the same thing as telling HOW to build that big list that is filled with active customers.

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by Daryl V. Glenn

One day my Internet marketing friend told me, “The real money is in opt email lists, and you know what, dude? You need to start building.” Build? What was I in construction? “No, dude, you build opt email lists, you know, with an auto-responder!”

It sounded dull and boring. Even so, my friend mentioned it again some weeks later. “Dude, you get people who come to your site and buy, then they leave, and you don’t see ’em again. Forever! Then you have to work hard to get another customer. But if you have your opt email lists set up, you can sell to the same customer over and over.”

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