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There are a lot of automated blogging software programs out there. The idea behind them is that you push start, and then they send spiders out through the web, trolling for content that matches specific keywords you put into the program. Then they take the content they find and put it on your site. You get to enjoy the advantages from having a site full of content that gets updated quickly without having to go through the work of practically creatblogging software | blogging tools | blog | make money onlineing the content yourself. It seems like a dream come true. Except…

It appears as if Google is gearing up for a significant cracking down on all those sites that are not filled with original content. They are adding measures in place that will enable them to check on your site’s content to make sure that it has not shown up somewhere else first. If the blog you are operating has mostly copied content material, you could be in for some real trouble. At the very minimum you will lose credibility in the eyes of Google. So what happens to the folks who want to create an automated business? Read the rest of this entry

Perhaps the biggest myth in all of SEO techniques is the idea that any one aspect of it is “all-important.” It is all important. SEO is an organic process, so the idea that one part of it, to the exclusion of everything else, is the key to success, is definitely a myth. SEO itself, in all of its aspects, is the key to success.

By comparison, what do you think is the most important organ in the human body? Is it the heart? Is it the brain? The liverseo techniques | seo technique | seo | search engine optimization? The kidneys? The fact of the matter is that all of your organs are there for a reason. Without any one of them, there is a good chance that you would be dead.

The same is true for SEO. There is no one aspect of it that can stand alone and give you success. Anyone who says so is a flat out liar.

According to Google, “content is king.” However, without a high page ranking, your content will never be seen. Content by itself will not get you a high SERP rank.

Keyword placement is important to SEO. Still, it is not a stand alone technique for getting rank. In fact, if you have keywords and no content, you get shuffled over to the ignore pile, and may be banned altogether. Besides, no one will want to look at a webpage of just keywords. Read the rest of this entry

It is surprising to see that still to this day many people think that SEO is something that is a one shot venture. That is, all you have to do is work some good in-page SEO mojo, pack them with keywords, submit them to the search engines and maybe update the meta tags every so often. That was okay about quite a few years ago, when Google first started indexing, but it is hardly the case these days.

I almost seo | search engine optimization | one shot seo | blogging toolsmiss the days when it was that easy. Now the search engines literally take into account hundreds of factors in how they rank websites. You don’t get to just slap up a page and expect it to rank. A huge chunk of what they look for implies a long haul.

Having a website to promote your business is probably like having a pet. If you do not feed it, train it, take it for walks and tend to it, it is not going to last very long. You certainly won’t be getting any enjoyment out of having it.

First of all, if your content is out of date, Google will notice that. If your information is not the type that has to be updated regularly, it is not a problem. However, it is good to have updates sometimes to let them know that you are still kicking around. Read the rest of this entry

Do you know anyone who enjoys writing articles? Probably not. Hiring someone to compose articles for your marketing campaigns can be pretty expensive too. This Rapid Rewriter review will go over article spinning, which happens to be a fast-growing niche that can rescue both your wallet and your fingers from the extra work when it comes to organizing content for your newest website.

We will begin by examining the various features that are offered through Matt Carter’s Rapid Rewriter. What a spinner does irapid rewriter review | rapid rewriter | matt carter | article spinners take a piece of writing and fill it with variations on sentence structure and synonyms. Next, the spin software spins the variations to create numerous articles that make the same statement in distinctive ways. While some will place those articles on the same websites, other people will employ the spinning software and publish original work on many different directories without having to stress over getting duplicate content dings.

Not all spinners are able to produce the highest quality of work, which will be made clear in this Rapid Rewriter review. A lot of them produce completely worthless pieces of work that can actually lead to a user being blacklisted or banned. Read the rest of this entry

So you have got some old content that you never used and half a dozen PLR packages that you never even opened, just laying around taking up space on your hard drive. Maybe you are frustrated you bought the content and never used it, or feeling silly that you even bought that 27-niche super-discount pack of PLR articles. Well, it’s time to increase traffic to your blog by turning this random content into targeted content.

And it’s time to quit feeling bad. Because you can put this content to work and turn it into targeted content – and you don’t even have to buy hosting or a domain name!

How? Read the rest of this entry

Article marketing has become one of the quickest ways to drawn attention to your website. Traffic generation is a big part of an Internet marketing business. In fact, without people visiting your site, you don’t have any sales. You can go through all the motions of running your website and maintaining your information with your site’s pages, but there are no sales conversions without visitors. Using articles to promote your website, or generate traffic as it’s called, is actually rather simple.

Keyword Rules

When you are writing your articles, it is important to research the keywords that you will be using for your specific niche and topic. There are several different levels of keywords and a few things that you should pay attention to Read the rest of this entry

Article writing is an important part of Internet marketing. It is part of the effort that you are doing to generate traffic for your website. The articles that you write are supposed to be full of information for your readers so that you can gain their trust and qualify in their eyes as an expert, which leads to sales. The problem for many Internet marketers is that they only write for their readers. Writing an article for your readers is important, but it is equally important to write your articles for search engine optimization (SEO) as well. Here are some tips to help you make your articles more SEO friendly.


By now you are already aware of the fact that each of your articles should contain specific keywords. You have almost painstakingly researched the keywords that you will be using. When it comes to keywords in your articles, many writers fall short. The keywords that are chosen are not used enough to have an impact with the search engines. Read the rest of this entry

Have you ever wondered just what makes blogs successful? Every blogger started out the same way, tediously working on design and constantly adding content. They become the most popular blogs because of several different things. True, it’s a well-known fact that content must be added regularly, but there’s more to it than just that. Let’s break it down.

Success Secret 1: Usefulness

A blog must have a purpose – it must be useful. Your blog must provide valuable information for readers. In the same aspect, your blog must provide thus useful information regularly. The most popular blogs have informative content added in a pattern – like a schedule. This works in two ways. First, your readers will return to see what you’ve added. Second, your blog is picked up by search engines when you add new content that is relevant to the keywords. Read the rest of this entry

Finding the right keywords for your web content is important. You can’t choose just anything that pops into your head. Your keywords must be related to your topic, and it is a good idea to choose heavily searched keywords. The keywords that you use in your content are only one piece of the SEO puzzle, but nonetheless, it is an important one. Search engines rely on keywords in content to provide readers with what they are looking for. Without the proper keywords, it is likely that you will not get a lot of traffic to your web pages. Keeping that in mind, you need to know how to find the right keywords for your content.

Read the rest of this entry

To get the maximum benefit from any web marketing effort, you need to pay attention to both the advertising side AND natural search engine traffic. Web advertising is much easier as there are many advertising firms that can create compelling copy for the advertising. An often ignored area, or at least undervalued, is building up natural search engine traffic. One of the main reasons is it is harder to build up content around each desired keyword and can encompass a lot of effort. Once done properly, you have built in traffic without spending a dime on marketing costs, and this traffic is permanent. Using an article directory can be an important part of this endeavor and should be utilized for maximum impact.

Read the rest of this entry

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