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When you really think of it, article marketing is something that can have a tremendous impact on your business depending on the situation. Of course you have to consider specific factors. Submitting articles to directories can be a great way to send highly targeted traffic to your website and your offers. Article submission helps you create your reputation as an expert in your preferred niche. Think about it: are you not more likely to trust someone who has a bunch of articles published on a topic that you wish to discover more about? Wouldn’t you be more likely to purchase from someone if a Google search ended in lots of quality results for his name? With tarticle marketing | article submission | blogging tools | make money onlinehe right article marketing, you can be doing this for yourself.

Before you start submitting articles in a rush, make sure that they are properly written. Anybody can slap together a few paragraphs and hit publish. If they couldn’t, there would not be so many blogs out there. Still, if you actually want to build your reputation as an expert, you need to make sure that your articles are excellent. Write a few drafts and ask someone to check them before you hit submit. The better your articles, the more respect people will have for you. If your article is not genuine and interesting, nobody is going to read the whole thing. If it is riddled with mistakes, people will click away immediately. Read the rest of this entry

As you probably know, social bookmarking as a marketing and backlinking strategy has been around for a few years. There seems to be no decline in their popularity, especially for off page SEO purposes. Still, you really should never neglect or overlook what could be done for the more long-term methods at high PR bookmarking sites. It basically is a matter of your particular business goals and perhaps what appeals to you. Social bookmarking sites generally give you a place to keep bookmarks, for those who are really new to IM. Plus you can tag your bosocial bookmarking | social bookmarking sites | backlinks | seookmarks with your particular keywords, which can help with some seo, but it tends to be temporary.

Several years ago the more popular bookmark sites made all their links to nofollow which had a huge effect on bookmark rankings. Places like Technorati and Digg, plus a few others were able to dominate the first pages of SERPS in Google due to their high PR status. Who really knows if Google had any influence over those powerful bookmarking sites and the nofollow relational attribute. However it is interesting, and we all know how Google is or can be. Read the rest of this entry

Perhaps the biggest myth in all of SEO techniques is the idea that any one aspect of it is “all-important.” It is all important. SEO is an organic process, so the idea that one part of it, to the exclusion of everything else, is the key to success, is definitely a myth. SEO itself, in all of its aspects, is the key to success.

By comparison, what do you think is the most important organ in the human body? Is it the heart? Is it the brain? The liverseo techniques | seo technique | seo | search engine optimization? The kidneys? The fact of the matter is that all of your organs are there for a reason. Without any one of them, there is a good chance that you would be dead.

The same is true for SEO. There is no one aspect of it that can stand alone and give you success. Anyone who says so is a flat out liar.

According to Google, “content is king.” However, without a high page ranking, your content will never be seen. Content by itself will not get you a high SERP rank.

Keyword placement is important to SEO. Still, it is not a stand alone technique for getting rank. In fact, if you have keywords and no content, you get shuffled over to the ignore pile, and may be banned altogether. Besides, no one will want to look at a webpage of just keywords. Read the rest of this entry

It is surprising to see that still to this day many people think that SEO is something that is a one shot venture. That is, all you have to do is work some good in-page SEO mojo, pack them with keywords, submit them to the search engines and maybe update the meta tags every so often. That was okay about quite a few years ago, when Google first started indexing, but it is hardly the case these days.

I almost seo | search engine optimization | one shot seo | blogging toolsmiss the days when it was that easy. Now the search engines literally take into account hundreds of factors in how they rank websites. You don’t get to just slap up a page and expect it to rank. A huge chunk of what they look for implies a long haul.

Having a website to promote your business is probably like having a pet. If you do not feed it, train it, take it for walks and tend to it, it is not going to last very long. You certainly won’t be getting any enjoyment out of having it.

First of all, if your content is out of date, Google will notice that. If your information is not the type that has to be updated regularly, it is not a problem. However, it is good to have updates sometimes to let them know that you are still kicking around. Read the rest of this entry

Do you know anyone who enjoys writing articles? Probably not. Hiring someone to compose articles for your marketing campaigns can be pretty expensive too. This Rapid Rewriter review will go over article spinning, which happens to be a fast-growing niche that can rescue both your wallet and your fingers from the extra work when it comes to organizing content for your newest website.

We will begin by examining the various features that are offered through Matt Carter’s Rapid Rewriter. What a spinner does irapid rewriter review | rapid rewriter | matt carter | article spinners take a piece of writing and fill it with variations on sentence structure and synonyms. Next, the spin software spins the variations to create numerous articles that make the same statement in distinctive ways. While some will place those articles on the same websites, other people will employ the spinning software and publish original work on many different directories without having to stress over getting duplicate content dings.

Not all spinners are able to produce the highest quality of work, which will be made clear in this Rapid Rewriter review. A lot of them produce completely worthless pieces of work that can actually lead to a user being blacklisted or banned. Read the rest of this entry

If you want to dominate your niche, the key to success is to get targeted traffic to your website. One very successful strategy is to use Google News to maximize your exposure and, therefore, bring cash-carrying buyers to your web page. To begin, you’ll want to start with an optimized press release.

You might need a paradigm shift if you think that the press release is to make an announcement about your targeted traffic | get targeted traffic | get traffic to your websiteproduct or service. It is not. In fact, your press release is just another tool you will use to reach prospects and direct them to your website. Here is how it works.

Google news uses algorithms and continuously crawls the web. Therefore, if a prospect types in specific keywords related to your niche market in Google, related press releases and articles are immediately accessible from more than 4,500 news sources.

This is why competitive intelligence is a critical step in your Internet marketing stratagem. By knowing your market and studying your competitors, you can have an insider’s look into what prospects are searching for when they utilize Google search. Then you are going to use these targeted keywords in your articles and press releases. Read the rest of this entry

Consistent seo link building is important for getting good rankings and therefore free and organic traffic from Google. Consistent links show that your site is well-liked by users, and it also shows that your site is relevant.

Want to know a secret? You can use consistent seo link building to tell Google that your site is well-liked by users, even when nobody knows about it. However, how do you do that?

By simulating the traffic and link patterns of a site that is getting links organically – even if yours isn’t!

A site that gets links “naturally” will get some links when if first comes on the scene. Then every time it adds content, if people like it, it will get a few more. Then the new link rate slacks off a bit until new content shows up, and it gets a little more link love. And on and on and…you get the picture. Read the rest of this entry

Building a website and being able to create income from it is like a puzzle. There are little pieces that all come together to make a profit for your online business. One very important piece of this puzzle is getting ranked high within the search engines, and link building is one way to move up the search engine ladder.

Therefore, one of the most important pieces to your puzzle is link building. Link building is an ongoing process that if done correctly, you can continue to rise to the top in the search engine rankings.

Link building methods are used to not only give your site increased exposure, but to align you also with others who have built a solid online reputation. These strategies can be used with other tools to create many avenues for your website to be profitable. There are several types of link building techniques, the most commonly used, is exchanging links with other websites and blogs.

Although this method takes some time because you have to build networking relationships, but once this is done, you will have a solid network of like-minded individuals in your corner. Read the rest of this entry

If you are like most Internet marketers, you want your website to appear on the first page of search engine results as close to the top as possible, and you are also looking for the ideal search engine optimization strategy to help you doing the trick. Large numbers of businesses understand that in order to achieve the kind of success they are looking for, bumping up to the top of search engine results list is often the critical factor in search engine optimization strategy | search engine optimization | seo | blogging toolsrealizing their goals. Let’s take a close look at a number of the most effective online search engine optimization strategies and the best ways to use them to make your business a success.

Method #1: On-Page Optimization

On-page optimization is the search engine optimization strategy that is one of the longest used and best tested one in existence. On the other hand, it is not nearly as effective as some other strategies that we will discuss. Not so long ago, on-page optimization would have been an excellent way to improve your standing in search engine results. Currently, however, it represents a mere 15 percent of not only your Page Rank but your total search engine ranking as well. However, you can be harmed in a big way if you don’t make effective use of it. Read the rest of this entry

Getting targeted traffic to your site is easy if you know how to do it. One very effective strategy is to use backlinks.

Backlinks are your website links that are displayed on another website. These links literally point back to your site from the host site. If the host site has a high ranking in search engines, you will get more traffic from the exposure.

Using backlinks makes good business sense, and there are different approaches you can take to increase your site’s ranking in search engines and draw loads of traffic to your site.

1. Post in forums and message boards

Participate in niche-related forums and message boards to bring traffic to your website. Most forums allow you to post your link in your signature line, and curious posters will click on your link to check out your site. The higher the site’s ranking, the more visible your site will be. Read the rest of this entry

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