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So you have finally built up a list and you are excited. You have a large enough list that you think you can probably quit the day-job and make a living selling affiliate products or even your own.

But wait, unfortunately there is one small problem, your sales rates are abysmal! You have got less than one person in a hundred buying the products you recommend. Are your sales pitches really that bad?
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So you go into your autoresponder dashboard and see that your sales rates are actually pretty damn good for the people who opened your emails. But your tracking is telling you that a lot of them just are not being opened.

Sure, a lot of people on your list only signed up for the freebie. This is quite normal. However, if you have got an abnormally small open rate, then it might be time to consider if your mails are going directly into the spam zone. But how can that happen and hurt your list building efforts?

Simply, bad subject lines. Bad subject lines are the number one reason for ending up in the bulk spam mail folder. If your subject lines tend to have these key phrases: Read the rest of this entry

An email autoresponder is a tool that is a must-have for online business owners and Internet marketers. These programs and services are beneficial because they send automatic email messages that you have written to a specific list of people that you have gathered, through your opt-in boxes on your websites and blogs. When you have realized that you need an autoresponder, you are likely researching which one is the best autoresponder for you.


One of the biggest factors that you should be looking for is whether or not the email messages are reaching the targets or not. You want to make sure that your messages will actually get to the email addresses on your list. This means that your autoresponder should have a way to deliver your messages to your customer’s email inboxes instead of the spam boxes. Most people don’t pay close attention to the messages that are filtered through spam. Read the rest of this entry

An email autoresponder is a program that sends emails to a specific list of email addresses automatically. These programs are typically used for small businesses and Internet marketers. They can be a valuable tool for promotion and follow up efforts. As a marketer or business owner, you can use these autoresponders to send special messages to potential and previous customers that have subscribed and been added to your opt-in list. Autoresponders can actually be used much more than what most people know.

An autoresponder service is a specific service, free or paid, that handles all of this for you. There are some services that are more comprehensive than others, but they all fit the general purpose of handling your email messaging through the parameters that you set and sending the email messages that you desire.

The biggest notable difference between a service and a program is that the program is something that is used by you, on your computer and using your server. The service is an actual company that manages everything for you in a separate location. Some autoresponder services are a bit more detailed, while others are plain and simple.

The simple services will have limitations or restrictions. For example, you may find that a simple service limit how many people you can include in one mailing. Read the rest of this entry

When Internet marketing rose in popularity, email marketing was one of the main ways of promoting a website. When spam problems started causing a ripple in the effectiveness of email marketing, autoresponders weren’t used as frequently anymore. Autoresponders started out as a means of mass mailing for future and current customers in email marketing, but when a decline in the use of email marketing occurred, the need for autoresponders also fell.

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