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Do you know anyone who enjoys writing articles? Probably not. Hiring someone to compose articles for your marketing campaigns can be pretty expensive too. This Rapid Rewriter review will go over article spinning, which happens to be a fast-growing niche that can rescue both your wallet and your fingers from the extra work when it comes to organizing content for your newest website.

We will begin by examining the various features that are offered through Matt Carter’s Rapid Rewriter. What a spinner does irapid rewriter review | rapid rewriter | matt carter | article spinners take a piece of writing and fill it with variations on sentence structure and synonyms. Next, the spin software spins the variations to create numerous articles that make the same statement in distinctive ways. While some will place those articles on the same websites, other people will employ the spinning software and publish original work on many different directories without having to stress over getting duplicate content dings.

Not all spinners are able to produce the highest quality of work, which will be made clear in this Rapid Rewriter review. A lot of them produce completely worthless pieces of work that can actually lead to a user being blacklisted or banned. Read the rest of this entry

Article marketing has become one of the quickest ways to drawn attention to your website. Traffic generation is a big part of an Internet marketing business. In fact, without people visiting your site, you don’t have any sales. You can go through all the motions of running your website and maintaining your information with your site’s pages, but there are no sales conversions without visitors. Using articles to promote your website, or generate traffic as it’s called, is actually rather simple.

Keyword Rules

When you are writing your articles, it is important to research the keywords that you will be using for your specific niche and topic. There are several different levels of keywords and a few things that you should pay attention to Read the rest of this entry

Article writing is an important part of Internet marketing. It is part of the effort that you are doing to generate traffic for your website. The articles that you write are supposed to be full of information for your readers so that you can gain their trust and qualify in their eyes as an expert, which leads to sales. The problem for many Internet marketers is that they only write for their readers. Writing an article for your readers is important, but it is equally important to write your articles for search engine optimization (SEO) as well. Here are some tips to help you make your articles more SEO friendly.


By now you are already aware of the fact that each of your articles should contain specific keywords. You have almost painstakingly researched the keywords that you will be using. When it comes to keywords in your articles, many writers fall short. The keywords that are chosen are not used enough to have an impact with the search engines. Read the rest of this entry

To get the maximum benefit from any web marketing effort, you need to pay attention to both the advertising side AND natural search engine traffic. Web advertising is much easier as there are many advertising firms that can create compelling copy for the advertising. An often ignored area, or at least undervalued, is building up natural search engine traffic. One of the main reasons is it is harder to build up content around each desired keyword and can encompass a lot of effort. Once done properly, you have built in traffic without spending a dime on marketing costs, and this traffic is permanent. Using an article directory can be an important part of this endeavor and should be utilized for maximum impact.

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We are facing a major recession now…more so than at any other recent time. With the way companies are laying off employees by the thousands, and in many cases, closing their doors forever, your fear of losing your job is probably keeping you up at night–that is, if you’re not one of the unfortunate ones who have already received a pink slip. If you’re smart, you are no doubt exploring all your options right now, which is probably how you’ve come across this article. Maybe you’ve thought about pursuing Internet marketing as a new career, but you’re just not sure if selling online is right for you.

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No matter how good your copy is, and no matter how smart and creative you are, without traffic, you are dead.  The fancy graphics don’t matter, the best products don’t matter either if you are not getting anyone to see the website.  Traffic is always the end game for anyone trying to publish ads or sell anything on the web.  It seems like its a mystery to most, as most products sold on the web focuses on content, PPC (which is not bad, but also very hard to get right), or management products to help with productivity.  Very few actually work on where the heck you get traffic from.

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Article marketing is one of the most important marketing strategies online that can determine the level of success of online businesses.

There are several methods to carry out article marketing and one of the methods is to submit articles to articles directories with one or more links included in the articles submitted. The link when crafted interestingly will then interest readers to click on the link and be brought to the author’s website, bringing traffic to it.

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In the world of internet marketing, there is one thing that every webmaster needs in order to be successful, traffic, without traffic you cannot make sales for your products, get clicks on your adsense ads, gain email subscribers or anything else that you may wish to achieve with your website. Traffic is the lifeline of every website on the internet.

The following seven methods for generating traffic are proven to achieve results and most can be implemented immediately:

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