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When you really think of it, article marketing is something that can have a tremendous impact on your business depending on the situation. Of course you have to consider specific factors. Submitting articles to directories can be a great way to send highly targeted traffic to your website and your offers. Article submission helps you create your reputation as an expert in your preferred niche. Think about it: are you not more likely to trust someone who has a bunch of articles published on a topic that you wish to discover more about? Wouldn’t you be more likely to purchase from someone if a Google search ended in lots of quality results for his name? With tarticle marketing | article submission | blogging tools | make money onlinehe right article marketing, you can be doing this for yourself.

Before you start submitting articles in a rush, make sure that they are properly written. Anybody can slap together a few paragraphs and hit publish. If they couldn’t, there would not be so many blogs out there. Still, if you actually want to build your reputation as an expert, you need to make sure that your articles are excellent. Write a few drafts and ask someone to check them before you hit submit. The better your articles, the more respect people will have for you. If your article is not genuine and interesting, nobody is going to read the whole thing. If it is riddled with mistakes, people will click away immediately. Read the rest of this entry

Article marketing has become one of the quickest ways to drawn attention to your website. Traffic generation is a big part of an Internet marketing business. In fact, without people visiting your site, you don’t have any sales. You can go through all the motions of running your website and maintaining your information with your site’s pages, but there are no sales conversions without visitors. Using articles to promote your website, or generate traffic as it’s called, is actually rather simple.

Keyword Rules

When you are writing your articles, it is important to research the keywords that you will be using for your specific niche and topic. There are several different levels of keywords and a few things that you should pay attention to Read the rest of this entry

If you think about it, writing a story is the same as writing an article. It is as if you’re narrating something through written expressions and you reach out to your audience through words. You need a medium worthy of your idea if you are writing something. And, one of the most widely held mediums in the world is your computer. Needless to say, the conventional dragging of pen across paper and the physical act of forming words with ink is still the best known vehicle in squeezing out your ideas, thoughts, and views. However, in this day and age, the convenience of a keyboard and monitor is deemed as a modern means to lock in your earth-shattering concepts.

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No matter how good your copy is, and no matter how smart and creative you are, without traffic, you are dead.  The fancy graphics don’t matter, the best products don’t matter either if you are not getting anyone to see the website.  Traffic is always the end game for anyone trying to publish ads or sell anything on the web.  It seems like its a mystery to most, as most products sold on the web focuses on content, PPC (which is not bad, but also very hard to get right), or management products to help with productivity.  Very few actually work on where the heck you get traffic from.

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You have set up your online business website. All the necessary functionality is there, all the products are well positioned and everything looks terrific. But why don’t you have a single sale made since? Simple! You have no traffic coming to your site. Don’t make a mistake of not introducing your website; there could be nobody knowing that your website exists.

And it’s not just any traffic you need. You need targeted traffic to your website. Meaning, you need to invite people who would actually want to buy whatever it is you’re offering. To achieve an increase in visitor traffic, you need to advertise your website. And remember that there are more differences in online business and offline business advertisement than there are similarities.

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