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I guess that most people involved in Internet marketing know by now that links are important. If you want to achieve a good position in Google’s search engine and maintain your ranking as well, this is the key ingredient. Still, what many people don’t realize nowadays, due to all the paid SEO and Web 2.0 strategies available, is the fact that conventional link building techniques still work.

Unfortunately, quite a few people overlook that in order to make these simple, free techniques work for them, link building techniques | link building | seo | blogging toolsthey actually have to work them. And doing it only once or twice won’t do the trick. It has to be done on an ongoing basis.

All successful linking campaigns rest on persistent and consistent activity. Here we have collected a few easy and no cost link building techniques that will help you rank better in the search engines, provided that they are applied constantly.

Article directories. Article marketing has always been and still is an excellent source for backlinks, provided you use the bio box wisely. However, some directories allow links to your web sites in the articles as well. Read the rest of this entry

Article marketing is one of the most important marketing strategies online that can determine the level of success of online businesses.

There are several methods to carry out article marketing and one of the methods is to submit articles to articles directories with one or more links included in the articles submitted. The link when crafted interestingly will then interest readers to click on the link and be brought to the author’s website, bringing traffic to it.

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