The term website usability has been around for quite a few years, and yet it is something that seems to be barely discussed in the more heavily trafficked marketing forums. Even so, it is interesting since it is an area of vital importance to the success of any business website. If your site is not very “usable,” then basically people will not want to use it – mewebsite usability | usability | blogging toolsaning stay there, or return – meaning not very sticky. As you know, you certainly want both in your corner if you wish to succeed on the net. Furthermore, there are many factors involved with usability, and the only way to optimize your site is to know what is going on with your visitors. That is the reason you have to consider all the accessible information. You never actually understand what can happen should you ignore particular details, criteria and other factors.

There is usually one method to monitoring your visitors, and that is through a good tracking program. What you can do is identify problem spots on your site, and next begin testing that spot to take care of the issue. We know that is not extremely high tech, but it is the state of where things are at today. Many tracking scripts are extremely simple, and of course you can use something highly effective like Google Analytics. They mostly do the same things, and then it boils down to features and benefits. Read the rest of this entry