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Once you have conducted your research and have formulated your competitive intelligence, you are ready to take the first step forward to a successful niche marketing. Dominating your niche market is a process, and the worst thing you can do is get “comfortable” with your marketing. It must be consistent to be effective.

niche marketing | niche market | make money online | affiliate marketingThere are seven important steps in the process of dominating your niche and your marketing efforts. Follow these steps, and you will increase your chances of prospering. Ignore or skip a step, and it could affect your total niche marketing plan.

1. Create your celebrity.

Reputation means everything in Internet marketing. Establish yourself as an authority, offer free advice and brand your name. Take advantage of Web 2.0 to create brand recognition. Blog, post videos to YouTube and do interviews to enhance your reputation. Web 2.0 is your key to creating visibility. Read the rest of this entry

There are many ways to increase web  traffic, both free and paid strategies and some are more effective than others according to how much work you put into it. Some marketers spend thousands of dollars on SEO and PPC tactics, video and joint venture attempts and still have mediocre results. This doesn’t include the Increase Web Trafficmoney wasted on DVD’s, E-Books and Training Programs all claiming to teach you how to do this effectively. The answer is simple. Using free software to increase web traffic is a highly effective, yet fairly inexpensive way to generate tons of traffic your website.

If you have spent any amount of time seeking ways to get people to your website, you have undoubtedly come across article marketing, which requires submitting a number of articles to hundreds of websites. There is video marketing, pay per click campaigns and Tweeting on Twitter as well. Many of these strategies take either a significant amount of time and/or money. If you do it yourself, you have to spend time and if you outsource the tasks you have to spend money. Read the rest of this entry

Analyzing your web traffic statistics can be a priceless tool for your online business, but before you can get the most benefit of this tool, you must understand how to interpret the web traffic analysis data.

Many web hosting companies only provide you with the basics when iWeb Traffic Analysist comes to web traffic analysis data. It is then up to you to utilize this information to the best of your ability. This web traffic analysis that you do receive from your web hosting company can be a bit overwhelming if you do not understand how to apply it to your online business, so let’s go over some of the information you may receive, so that you will understand how to use it. The basic data that you will receive will be visits to your site. These visits can be tracked daily, weekly and/or monthly. Read the rest of this entry

If you want to become number one in your niche market, it is paramount toIncrease Web Traffic increase web traffic to your site, to create brand recognition and to build authority. If you want to brand yourself in specific markets, there are five steps you can take to be the go-to person in your niche market.

1. Create content for the search engines

By creating good content laden with SEO keywords, you can brand yourself as an authority in your target market. You can start by searching for other businesses in your niche. Pay close attention to the keywords that they are using over and over again. If you see the same keywords on the first page, you know that these words are working. Read the rest of this entry

Have you ever experienced this scenario? You spend hours, days, and weeks (maybe months) working on your website and product creation. You might be starting simple with a blog, or you may have a product package to sell. You just know that what you have to offer is so great that the question how to get traffic to your  blog or site will be no problem, right? Not necessarily. Creating a website is only part of the equation. Getting noticed takes a little work.

The first step to getting noticed is to create fresh, original content on your site regularly. For most websites, this could be once or week or several times a week depending on your market. You’ll want to keep the information useful to your target market, so make it helpful. It is also wise to close blog entries with a teaser about the next blog to keep readers coming back for more. Read the rest of this entry

So you have got some old content that you never used and half a dozen PLR packages that you never even opened, just laying around taking up space on your hard drive. Maybe you are frustrated you bought the content and never used it, or feeling silly that you even bought that 27-niche super-discount pack of PLR articles. Well, it’s time to increase traffic to your blog by turning this random content into targeted content.

And it’s time to quit feeling bad. Because you can put this content to work and turn it into targeted content – and you don’t even have to buy hosting or a domain name!

How? Read the rest of this entry

Getting targeted traffic to your site is easy if you know how to do it. One very effective strategy is to use backlinks.

Backlinks are your website links that are displayed on another website. These links literally point back to your site from the host site. If the host site has a high ranking in search engines, you will get more traffic from the exposure.

Using backlinks makes good business sense, and there are different approaches you can take to increase your site’s ranking in search engines and draw loads of traffic to your site.

1. Post in forums and message boards

Participate in niche-related forums and message boards to bring traffic to your website. Most forums allow you to post your link in your signature line, and curious posters will click on your link to check out your site. The higher the site’s ranking, the more visible your site will be. Read the rest of this entry

If you want to use Web 2.0 properties to make money online, you need to get people off of them and onto your sales, affiliate sales or squeeze pages ASAP. Here are three keys to making it work.

Make it ugly? You are not making your Web 2.0 pages in order to impress anybody or win any awards. You are using them to make money! It follows that all of your effort, then, needs to go into making that money – and that none of it needs to go into the aesthetic experience!

Don’t use any of the bells and whistles provided by your Web 2.0 site, unless those bells and whistles can make you some money. If you use video, make sure it not only relates to your niche, but your product as well. And make sure it relates to people wanting to buy that product, which is paramount.

If you use images, you will mostly need only product images. This can be a “portrait” of the product or of someone using the product. There is no need for cute animated GIFs or anything “cute”.

Don’t entertain them. You don’t want to entertain your readers with content, either. When you are targeting a buying key phrase, keep all information focused on that product or the problems it solves. If you are building a list, make the content about the benefits of your list and/or the solutions it offers. Read the rest of this entry

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