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I am taking part in Alvin Phang’s blogging Challenge. The latest task is to raise at least $50.00 to qualify for the points. All donations collected until 12th May 2010 will be contributed to the Red Cross.


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by Owen Jones

If you haven’t yet automated your article submission, it can only be for one of three reasons:

1. You don’t want or need any additional free visitors to your website, because you cannot handle them,

2. You have not read my previous articles, or

3. You still haven’t been able to realize the power and incredible value of this system. that is, how this will dramatically boost your sales.

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Economic recession is taking its toll. A lot of Americans right now are feeling the heat of the tight times as more and more people are losing their jobs and losing their homes. High prices of gas and basic commodities are also making it harder for American families to survive without additional income.

During these times, people are thinking of ways on how to save up. This is especially true with families that support one or two or more children. Between feeding them and sending them all to school, these families will surely have to scrimp on some areas in order to survive.

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