Author: Desmond Ray

In a process of Search Engine Optimization (SEO), i.e. when humans are flirting with robots, some caution could be a plus.  Young and restless webmasters tend to make site rating better than it really should be, and, as a result, the rating instead of increase can get a sudden reduction.  Several common errors of this type are discussed below.

Graphic Header Placing page-wide image with a logo, company name, some related graphics and text within the image, at the head of the page is quite typical and rather slick way to design a site.  It usually looks nicer to human eye than a typed text, but from SEO standpoint this is not the best idea.  The top area of the page carries most valuable space for text heading (h1 tag) and the major key words and phrases.  Graphic information is beyond reading ability of a robot, and it takes valuable space.  Better approach: run your h1 text heading with keywords and initial text above the graphic header.

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