Today’s market provides us with numerous free blogging tools, but does it mean having it all installed on our blog is necessary and good for the benefit of our readers? It might be attractive to have a visitor counter, an extravagant background, an exciting new font, and a bunch of unusual animated gifs to your blog, however, this type of plan can easily have a negative effect. Therefore, the crucial point is: Chose your free blogging tools wisely.
You have to find out about all of the various free blogging tools available, because only then you are able to make a well-informed judgement about what to have or not to have on your blog. However, try to remember if something is available to you, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you need it. Do it in moderation and select only the choices you believe will be useful and will have a genuine benefit for your readers.

If your traffic statistics can show you how many visitors are reading your blog, adding a visitor counter is probably not needed on your page. If your blog is text-based, a flashy background might distract your readers rather than attract them. When considering any blog accessories, think practical about it: Which ones will help your vision to become true and enhance your site. Remember that even a blogging tool for free doesn’t automatically mean it will be a useful asset in the long run.


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