In this article you will discover 2 simple routes you can take to start, build and expand your affiliate business.

By applying this simple game plan you can sell affiliate products like HOT cakes.

One of this route is a short cut to affiliate success. You can start applying this method within days and start selling affiliate products.

Another route will take you some time to get started, but it’s well worth the efforts you put in.

Here are 2 simple routes you can take today to start your own affiliate business…

1. Create Content Sites.

You can create killer content sites of around 50 pages to sell affiliate products.

This takes some time to get started, but if you put in efforts and do thorough research you can expect to get tons of free traffic from search engines.

The very first step you have to do is research keywords. You can research keywords that people are searching for in your niche by visiting

Type in your main keyword out there and you will see related keywords, and also how many people have searched for that keyword on overture last month.

Note down the keywords in your niche along with how many searches do each one receive.

Now visit Google and search for all the keywords that you had researched in overture in quotes.

Let’s say that your keyword is dog training, so search on Google as “dog training”. As soon as you do this you will see number of websites listed on Google for keyword dog training.

These are your competitors. Note down this number too for each keyword.

Now apply the formula Competition/Searches for each and every keyword you have researched.

Lower the number, better is the keyword to target. Similarly, research around 50 to 100 quality keywords in your niche and start creating a content site around it.

Create articles for every keyword you researched and create a killer content site stuffed with high demand low competition keywords you have researched above.

Once you’ve created a content site, start writing more articles and include the link to your website in the resource box of the articles and distribute them.

This will help you to get incoming links to your website, which will get your site indexed by search engines faster and get you higher rankings.

2. Create Mini sites to Sell Affiliate Products.

This is a short cut to affiliate success. In this method you create a simple squeeze page or a lead page.

Give something valuable to your visitors for free to get them to signup up in your list.

You can give them a report, e-book, video, etc. For free. As a result, they will signup in your list.

Once they are in your list follow up with 10 to 20 days ecourse which provides them quality information in your niche. Furthermore, make sure you recommend them your affiliate products in your follow up system.

In addition, blast bi-weekly newsletters to your list and give them more quality information, build relationship with them and in turn sell more affiliate products in the process.

These are the 2 routes that you can follow to start selling your affiliate products.

Huge success can be made by following any of the above routes.

All you need to do is get started, take some action and start applying the information laid down in this article.


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