Create Ebook Covers Video Tutorial

If you want to make money online, creating and marketing with mini-sites is perhaps the fastest and cheapest way to achieve your goals.

Firstly, a “mini site” serves a very tight niche market, and delivers very specialized content, usually in the form of a membership. Mini-sites are not like blogs or other type of content sites; they sell access to the information within. A mini-site can have at bare minimum two pages; the sales page and the download page. Larger minisites may have more pages, but generally it’s not above 10 pages.

Although mini sites do benefit from search engine traffic, it is not the most important factor. Since all the really good content is behind closed doors, Google will never be able to index it and rank it. Therefore, if you want to profit from minisites, you need affiliates – and LOTS of them. Knowledge in PPC or Pay Per Click marketing helps as well, especially when your site is new, and you don’t already own a list you can market to.

The most important part of any mini-sites, besides the content, is the sales page. You need to understand how to write a basic sales copy that sells, and also arm yourself with a lot of sales page graphics and other images you can use to make your copy look appealing. Creating a pure-text sales copy is a big mistake, but most people still do it.

The overall design and appearance of your mini-sites also matters. You can either hire someone to create your design or you can buy ready-made minisite templates and easily put together a stunning site yourself.

Of course, in the long run you’ll also want to learn basic image creation and image editing skills to help lower the cost of creating minisites. Although Photoshop is the best option if you can afford it, you can also use GIMP as an alternative.

With basic GIMP videos you can get all the skills you need as far as marketing mini-sites is concerned, but you probably can’t make use of cool stuff like e-cover scripts and templates that can only be used in Photoshop.


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