Being a wealthy affiliate member for more than a year already, my journey in making money online has been a great experience. If you think making money online is a hype and scam, you are actually really far from the truth. Part of my success in internet marketing is due to the membership site called Wealthy Affiliate where I am one of the wealthy affiliate members.

Having thought about it, by being a wealthy affiliate member does have an impact on my online success. Let me point out the 3 key benefits below (well at least how it benefited me).

Easy to Understand Course

When you join as a wealthy affiliate member, the first thing you will be presented is to go through the 8 weeks action plan. The 8 weeks action plan is actually a well thought out course where it’s easy enough for someone who has never done internet marketing before. The Wealthy Affiliate strategy simple and can be easily applied by anyone who is serious about it. Their philosophy in internet marketing is that you get your foundation right and make internet marketing as a long term strategy. It’s definitely not a get rich quick scheme.

Motivation from Other Wealthy Affiliate Member

One noticeable benefit of being a wealthy affiliate member is the great number of existing members in this community. Based on my estimation, there is more than 10,000 wealthy affiliate members in the Wealthy Affiliate University. Well, not that every member is an active participant in the forum but with such volume, you get sufficient quality members who are inspiring with their success stories. In my past 1 year journey in making money online, I will get my inspiration and motivation from the Success Stories section in the forum. It’s just a reminder that if this wealthy affiliate member can do it, so can I!

Rich in Resources

In the wealthy affiliate membership area, there is a section called the ShareZone where wealthy affiliate members freely share their knowledge and you can find some real gems in here. This is slightly different from knowledge sharing in forums as in ShareZone, the wealthy affiliate members are actually producing tutorials, pdf documents and videos to share among other members in this community. Learning is very different over here. They really earn their right to be called the Wealthy Affiliate University. Ample learning resources are found here. Apart from the ShareZone, you will get niche ideas from Kyle & Carson in the area called NicheQ and of course another great resource is the famous Wealthy Affiliate forum.

There are many other features and benefits of being a wealthy affiliate member but if you were to ask me, I will say the above 3 points are the key to my success. If you would like to know more about these features and how I utilise them, you can visit my journey as a wealthy affiliate member blog.


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