Is your business struggling in the new economy? Perhaps you are
scratching your head for ideas on how to win more sales or
wondering how you are going to prevent your business from
falling behind those of your competitors? If this sounds like
the predicament that you find yourself in at the present time,
then about the best thing that you can do is to start a joint

What is a Joint Venture?

Joint ventures are business collaborations made between
companies that have a natural synergy and a common desire to
succeed. If you want help breaking into a new market or are
looking for a compatible product to upsell to your clients in
return for a slice of the profits, a joint venture will deliver
this and more.

Here are the top 5 reasons why a joint venture could be the
tonic your business requires.

1) Joint ventures allow you to acquire more customers:
Establishing a joint venture with a suitable company could give
you access to a whole new database of potential customers.

2) Joint ventures can help you retain existing customers:
Products and services offered by joint venture partners that
complement those that you sell through your business will give
you the opportunity to make more sales with your existing

3) Joint ventures provide the opportunity to diversify: Business
diversity is key to a company’s success. By setting up joint
ventures you are diversifying the routes taken by your customers
to reach you. This means if one route fails to perform you have
back ups in place!

4) Joint ventures enhance company credibility: Choose the right
joint venture partner and your business could benefit from a
heightened profile in your industry.

5) Joint ventures reduce business overheads: A joint venture can
help you double your customer database but half the amount you
spend on marketing your business to those customers!

So, where do you find a suitable joint venture partner? Joint
venture partners can be found at


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