January 12, 2009 is the day when the highly anticipated niche blueprint system will be coming out on the market being the follow-up product to commission blueprint from Tim as well as Steve. The program will reveal to us all how the authors are able to make hundreds of thousands of dollars just by setting up small niche web E-commerce shopping sites. Over an eight week period from launch date commission blueprint sold over a staggering 15,000 units! This course was so excellent that everyone in the IM community was talking about it.

it’s no secret that Commission blueprint has made a large number of success stories and as a result the interest for the new niche blueprint launch progresses each and every day.

The core elements of the main part of the program consist of 23 videos and 26 manuals put together from the experience of both Tim and Steven, the main authors, and additional input from Ecommerce experts David and Michael Hermansen. If the quality of this upcoming product is anywhere near as positive as commission blueprint, I dare say this time next year there will be a fair amount of people with their own successful web e commerce businesses on the net.

There is no selling of e-books, software programs or promoting affiliate products, although you could if you want to. So in the type of niches that the program teaches you to target there is hardly any competition the majority of the time. Taking into account what I have seen until now, I would say this course removes all of the major obstacles faced by anyone starting out with web E-commerce.

From what I can see this product is close to remove all major problems for someone trying to get started in web E-commerce. When it comes to the nicheblueprint at the moment I would have to say that I have yet to see anything which could even come slightly close to this course.

You know, someone is successful when they are featured on the New York Times and Fox News and that’s exactly, what has happened with Tim and Steve as well. Even better is the fact that most of the success has come from very uncompetitive niches like for instance “train horns”. Another thing that I like about these two is the fact that they show rigorous proof of their income unlike many other marketers who will simply tell you what they have made. In the course they will even show you an example of a really simple website that anybody could have made (at least with their new platform) and that was incredibly  sold for $173,000 not so long ago. I predict that their upcoming niche blueprint program is going to sell just as great or better than their previous commission blueprint program and that as a result many, many more newbies to the Internet will be very successful in and beyond the coming year.


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