by Susie Byrne

There are many products on line that promise instant riches, and so easy a baby could do it, is CopyNProfit yet another one, full of rehashed information, a scam?

The concept is you just plug in to existing campaigns, copy and paste the profitable keywords to your PPC account and repeat again and again. The package comes with tutorials on how affiliate marketing works, explaining how to back up campaigns also.

Included in this package you will receive comprehensive tutorials on how to maximize campaigns to optimize your profit potential. Generate organic traffic, with blogs and articles. Create websites and get the edge over your competitors.

Choose a niche and campaign, ad keywords based on their existing performance, Copy and paste the keywords to you PPC account, that’s it few minutes and all finished.

Expand the traffic sources by using other methods of traffic generation. Articles, blogs squidoos and hubpages.

Each day monitor campaigns, keep the profitable campaigns and disregard the ones that are not making money.

The Click Bank System is used by CopyNProfit, Each sale which you generate is tracked allowing you to receive all commissions. Clickbank is a very reliable system as both the vendor and affiliate have unique tracking identities.

With over 35 niche campaigns to choose from, both competitive and not so competitive markets. You are shown how to optimize each campaign to receive maximum benefit.

I wonder if a baby could manage this system, CopyNProfit system will make you money, although thousand each week might be a stretch of the imagination.

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