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As you know promoting your website to a targeted audience will generate revenue and build a brand which is the task of every Internet entrepreneur. Don’t forget,there is no easy way out. Looking for quick fixes might get you in trouble, or you might fall victim to scammers. The good news is, you can realistically gain some gradual site exposure and one of the good ways is to blog, it will definitely expand your Internet entrepreneur profile.

Blogging is not a new concept, an online personal diary that you can update. It’s common for many top businesses to have their own blog to keep subscribers updated to their latest happenings and also keeping them interested in their company by adding some personal touches to attract more subscribers. This might be a good path to follow.

When starting a blog, make sure you choose a good blogging service with a high PR ranking so your blogs get indexed well. Two good blogs to start with are Blogger and WordPress. It is also recommended to get your own domain and forward it to your blog so the blog looks more personalized. For the best personalization down to the templates, you should consider purchasing your own web hosting and install a blog engine so you have full customization. No matter what choice you make, properly set up the blog and make sure your title has keywords that pertain to the site you want to promote.

The About page on your blog is where the reader can click to make a contact or to find more information about you. Fill that up first, it’s a quick and easy process. Add whatever detail you like to add. Since it’s all about trust building, you can even put a link to your social networking site if you have one to show you are real.

Once done, you are finally ready to start your first entry. Your first entry should be an introductory blog that introduces yourself as an Internet entrepreneur and a link to your website that you are promoting. It is important to repeat keyword phrases 2-3 times so your entry gets caught by the search engines and allows other people to find it easily.

When submitting your entry, make sure you have comments enabled so other people can voice out and ask any questions if needed. Comments also add legitimacy and extra search engine power to the blog so try to encourage your friends and acquaintances to comment on the first entry and future entries. You can also support them by adding links to their blogs, so they can do the same so traffic is exchanged.

Don’t forget to update your blog every now and then to show that you are active and add links to your site at the end of each entry. This should allow people to visit your site regardless what entry they are reading.

Blogging is all about updating and keeping the link active. This way, you can market your blog to gain subscribers and acquire traffic for your website all at once.

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