by Shona Dosher

People have the desire to be successful in network marketing because they know this is the way to build residual income. What do you think differentiates you from all the other successful network marketers out there? The answer is MENTORSHIP and DAILY ACTION. If you’re not doing these two things, you will probably fail like 97% of people in this industry.

You have to set goals in order to know where you are and where you want to be. Be specific and determine what action should be taken in order to achieve your goals. We all dream of achieving our goals rapidly but this doesn’t always happen. It’s important to look at the long term results and to know that practice makes perfect. Many people fail their way to success, meaning, they fail over and over but instead of letting this hold them back, they keep going and finally achieve whatever it is they’re trying to do. This again, takes daily ACTION.

Mentorship and training are one of the most crucial components of achieving goals. It’s highly important to educate yourself in network marketing and learn from a leader. Find a leader that has built a successful organization and ask for mentoring. Follow that person closely and learn what methods they use to market their business. Take the same techniques and implement those into your business daily.

If you take these methods and put them into action every single day, you are without a doubt going to succeed. There’s not one difference in you and the top leaders now if you’re using proven marketing methods. You can do whatever you set out to do with the right formula.

Once again, it’s crucial to your business success to get the right mentorship. This can mean success or failure to you. I only know this because I was there at one time. I was very frustrated and ready to give up until I came across a top leader that took me in and mentored me. Now, I’m seeing results and you can too. I want to help everyone in this industry that is serious about building an organization.

I recommend you take a look at one of the top leaders in this industry, Jenn Lawlor. She launched an online course that takes you step-by-step through the process of building and marketing your business the right way. In this program, she shares the marketing methods that she is currently using to build multiple organizations. Your business success is completely up to you!

In network marketing, you will encounter many obstacles. Be prepared by learning from a successful leader which will save you much time and frustration. The most effective method of learning network marketing is to learn from a successful leader.

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