If you know nothing about the webmaster world but still desire to create a website that is eligible for Google’s Adsense program, there are some basic things that you must know. Many people get overzealous and actually apply to the Adsense program before they know enough about the pay per click revenue form to even know what they are doing! But before you take the wrong step and try to apply to Google’s Adsense program and get rejected, the basic things that you should know are also the principles and rules of the Adsense program that can be easily overlooked, either by accident or on purpose!

What is Google Adsense, exactly? This is the first question that you should know the answer to; however, if you can’t answer this, then you may require a little more studying before venturing out and creating a website that you like. Google Adsense is essentially a program that advertises for you by giving you a piece of code that is placed on your website. This code is full of other companies’ advertising space. For example, you could get Adsense to advertise Nike, Adidas, or some other major retail company. On the other hand, you could also get ads that display third-party advertising or even ads for other revenue-stream products. Whatever ad that is placed on your website is in some way related to the website that you have made. For example, if your website is about colleges and financial aid then you will probably find colleges being advertised on your website. If you are selling a product related to cosmetics, then you will probably have cosmetic ads on your website.

Once you realize this basic principle of advertising that is related to your own website, it should be easier for you to come up with an idea for a website that will easily be accepted by Google’s Adsense. Another point of focus that you should realize is that Adsense will be able to read your website more easily if there are plenty of keywords. A keyword is basically a word or a phrase that is used repeatedly throughout the website. If you do not have a good amount of keywords on your website then the chances that you’ll have related ads by Adsense on your website are low. However, the opposite is true, because if you have a good keyword density, then you will probably be successful in getting approved by Google’s Adsense, thereby creating large amounts of traffic and revenue!

Google itself actually has a website of their own dedicated to explaining their advertising and pay per click revenue program to those who may want to apply for it. Take time to read through what Adsense requires before you assume that your website will be accepted! Even though the majority of people who apply to the Adsense program get accepted, reading through the program specifics of Google’s Adsense is crucial to the formation of not only your business, but whether or not you will be ultimately successful with Adsense on your website!

Jane Scaplen


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