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First, I would like to mention that there is no connection or relationship between SECockpit and SEO cockpit. Unfortunately, these two names are quite similar, and I reckon it might confuse someone or other. Shane Melaugh and Sam Haenni of the SwissMadeMarketing Team are the two names behind this SECockpit product.

SECockpit is a SEO software app that is not the same as the typical keyword research tools available these days. You will discover that SECockpit features two main components, keyword research and a project and task management. The keyword research is probably the important part for most people. Here you can do all your keyword searches, analysis, filtering and organizing your results. The project and task management is a great help for monitoring your different projects, assigning tasks and tracking project revenues.

So, let’s take a look at an overview over what sets SECockpit apart from the other keyword tools out there:

  • The majority of keyword tools get their data from the Google Keyword Tool, and that is it. Several are restricted to 200 keywords for every search. SECockpit can make use of the GKT for up to 800 keywords per search, and it gets keyword ideas from Google Suggest and Wonder Wheel additionally. The Google Wonderwheel can be a great source of long tail and related keywords. SECockpit can dig down to two levels in the Wonderwheel. This particular opens up thousands of keywords that remain undiscovered by other tools.
  • A very important factor is speed. It is a fact that SECockpit is about 400x faster than tools such as Market Samurai or Keyword Elite 2. SECockpit processes 300-400 keywords per minute and does the complete analysis of all the top ten ranking pages for every keyword. Market Samurai, for instance, does the full analysis just one-by-one, and it usually takes approximately a minute for each keyword on an average connection. Furthermore, with MS you need to click on every single keyword you want to analyze manually, then wait for the analysis to finish, then click the next one, etc.
  • Many keyword tools base their evaluation on highly questionable data including number of competing pages, number of keyword in title pages, backlink counts supplied by the slowly but surely dying Yahoo Site Explorer, etc. SECockpit gets the majority of its data from SEOmoz, who carry out their very own indexation of the web and have an outstanding amount of insight into how Google ranks pages. To access this data by itself, you would have to pay a considerable monthly fee. You will get it for free because it is already included in your SECockpit subscription.
  • Because SECockpit does the full analysis, it is quite easy to apply all sorts of filters like searches, competition strength, CPC, etc. very quickly, and you can combine all filters with each other. Due to the data, we get for each keyword, you can in fact sort based on valid, practical data and not on “stand-in” data just like number of competing web-pages for a keyword. What this means is you can take a list of 1000 or more keywords and immediately filter out the small handful of the most beneficial, most profitable keywords among them.
  • Many keyword tools like Market Samurai continue to display broad match numbers as a standard, despite the fact that broad match numbers have definitely nothing to do with the amount of traffic a keyword can attract. SECockpit relies solely on exact match numbers and also provides estimates for how many actual visitors you can expect to get for ranking at the top, the middle or the bottom of the results. These numbers have confirmed to be very reliable. Yet another way to speak about this is that SECockpit is the only genuine keyword tool in relation to traffic numbers.
  • In SECockpit, you can keep track of your SEO campaigns, keep track of the links you create for your sites, focus on how much you spend and how much you make from each campaign and a lot more.
  • SECockpit gives you pre-made tasks that you can easily follow step-by-step to get your pages ranked. Additionally, SECockpit offers custom tasks designed for people who want to use various link building tools and systems as well.
  • SECockpit instantly checks for available exact match domains for every single keyword processed. For people building sniper-style sites this can mean hours of time saved and money in their pockets.
  • Besides the analysis of the different ranking signals, SECockpit also checks for the presence of pages on Ezinearticles, Hubpages, Squidoo, Youtube and a few other sites. These kinds of indicators can be used for many purposes, from competition analysis to traffic hijacking.
  • With SECockpit, you are able to force the inclusion or exclusion of words or phrases in a search, which in turn makes it an outstanding tool for local searches and people who do offline marketing or consulting.

SECockpit runs in your browser, there is nothing to install, and it is a cloud application. This means that all the required resources are provided by SECockpit’s own servers. Even heavy use wouldn’t have an impact on your PC. I like most that this software calculates unique visitor traffic estimates realistically applying SEOmoz data based on page one in the serps. Furthermore, there is the remarkable speed in which the results are achieved. If you are a Market Samurai user like me, you might have noticed recently that it can take quite some time to get the requested data with this tool.

However, my concern is the monthly subscription fee. This might stop potential customers from joining. I understand, quite a few people don’t like to pay a monthly fee for a software. On the other hand, since SECockpit receives its data from various sources of which are some paid ones like SEOmoz, one has to understand the logic behind marketing SECockpit as a subscription. Maybe it would be a good idea thinking of offering a kind of lifetime or annual subscription in the near future.

This next-generation keyword research and search engine marketing tool will unquestionably not just speed up the whole keyword research process for you, but will give you a solid basis in order to build a successful online business as well. There are training videos available, and it is recommended for beginners as well as the more experienced Internet marketers. SECockpit includes a 30 day money-back guarantee, so give it a try, I’m sure you won’t regret it.

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