If you have a website of your own I can pretty much guess your answer is yes, that you have in fact heard of the new Google panda update, and if you don’t have a website, there is still a very good chance you have also heard about this change to SEO (search engine optimization.) No doubt, every website owner would love to google panda update|panda updatehave his or her website to achieve a great search engine ranking. That way when someone types in certain key words that happen to be about what your website is promoting, the best case scenario would be that your site would come up on the first page of Google searches. There are people who will continue past the first page of search results to find what they are looking for, but as we know, there are many impatient people who want what they want – now!

Search engines such as Google have the responsibility to find out the legitimacy of each website and then rank them in view of that. The purpose for that is so that people can find quality results that they are searching for online. To put this into practice, Google is formulating and integrating algorithms periodically to keep website owners in check. One of these fairly new ones is called Panda as Google calls it, and is known as Farmer by the media. This Google panda update is not quite three months old as of right now in June of 2011.

The main reasoning behind this Google panda update is to provide Internet users with high ranking websites that actually have information to offer that is of high value and quality to the reader. This improvement was aimed at giving due credit to the publishers out there who are indeed contributing content that is very good, thus increasing the traffic to their websites, which could in turn be quite profitable for those website owners and publishers. Tools such as feedback signals for less experienced users were integrated to help drive them towards suitable search results. Another useful data that the Google panda update incorporates is to take into account websites that some users have blocked for some reason or another. This important Google panda update helps to eliminate the factor, which had previously allowed those lower quality websites to demonstrate very good search results.

Although this Google panda update algorithm is still in its testing phases, it is already working to find the content on the Internet that brings value and quality. Some big names businesses on the Internet which previously were ranked quite highly within the search engine results have taken quite a huge fall recently. A very big name that probably most if not all people will recognize, which has had quite a negative impact from this new Google panda update is Ezine articles. This website’s Alexa ranking tumbled down greatly from one hundred and nine prior to the Google panda update to a ranking of two hundred and nine afterwards. With this big change in the search engine results Ezine has lost thirty five percent of its web traffic, and they have to work extremely hard at regaining that traffic by only allowing content that truly has value for the reader and is of quality material only.

Gone are the days when people could write whatever they wanted to and in any fashion they deemed appropriate, which include things like poor grammar, forgetting that thing called spell check, copying and pasting others’ materials and cramming articles to overflowing with keywords simply with the hopes of pushing their rankings to the top of the search engines or in other words, trying very hard to manipulate the system. In this way, the “cheaters” will be found out and lessened in the rankings while the ones who have something to say and say it quite well will be the ones ranking highly. I am sure there are many upset people who are not happy about this news, but it helps everyone remember that information on the Internet isn’t about playing a game to see who can get the highest ranking; it is about providing intelligent, meaningful, well researched material for the readers.

You may be wondering just what makes a website at risk to the Google panda update for finding where the low quality sites are located. Low quality content contains a high percentage of duplicate content for starters. This could be in reference to the entire website or perhaps just a single page or two of it. A low amount of content which is original on a website or page can signal panda. Furthermore, a large amount of inappropriate advertisements or perhaps even just too many advertisements (hence less quality writing) can trigger it. Another thing to trigger panda is a low amount of visits to a page and a low return rate as well. Low quality content is the biggest red flag which can have a very negative effect on a site’s rankings. You see, the saying “content is king” is now more important than it was in the past. Without well-written unique contegoogle panda update|panda updatent you probably won’t have a true chance becoming successful online anymore.

Is there any light at the end of the tunnel if you find that you have been “hit” by the Google panda update? Yes. The very first thing to do is to perform a thorough evaluation of all the content, which is on your website and do your absolute best to improve its quality. If you need help and know that writing is not your greatest strength, there are companies that have professional writers who can be a big help, especially in the content area of your writing. One such company that is both stable and reputable is called NeedAnArticle.com. They do quality work in very reasonable time frames and with very reasonable prices.


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