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Steve Clayton and Tim Godfrey are the Internet marketers who created the Internet Marketing Advantage or IMA. They both enjoy an excellent reputation for launching high quality IM products like their Commission Blueprint and Niche Blueprint courses in recent years. However, you might not be aware of their latest Internet marketing offering, which could well be their greatest product so far. It is a membership site which has already a rapidly growing number of members. As a member you will have immediate access to everything that Steve and Tim have developed to build their own high profitable online business. Continue reading this IMA Review if you want to build your very own profitable Internet marketing business as well.

So what exactly is so special about the IMA and how can it help you to become more successful online? There are quite a few programs out there offering an array of powerful tools and lessons for affiliate marketers. Few have impressed me quite as much as IMA. It is a huge course that covers just about everything there is to know about earning money online. Since the introduction of this membership site, training materials and resources have been kept up to date as well as there were more tools added regularly to reflect changing Internet marketing demands. One of the challenges of a site like this is to be user-friendly, to ensure that everyone can find comfortably what he or she is looking for. It is most likely impossible for any site to become a one stop resource for anyone wanting to start a successful online business but IMA comes quite close to being the ideal how-to resource for newer Internet marketers.

The main areas we will look at are training and tutorials and then software and tools. You can quickly see what is new in IMA, since updates are clearly displayed in their own space on the home page. Steve and Tim wanted their IMA subscribers to become the first to know of any new changes in Internet marketing so that they can benefit from it right away. The depth of the actual training and tutorial material is quite impressive. One of the reasons IMA is so successful is that it covers literally everything such as paid advertising, SEO, email marketing, affiliate marketing, article marketing, product creation, social media, e-commerce and local marketing. You can choose what you want to do and what you are comfortable with.

If you look inside the members’ area you will find a huge course that covers just about everything there is to know about earning money online. In fact, two great products that used to be sold separately are now part of IMA – Commission Blueprint and Niche Blueprint. Most of the time, an affiliate marketing tool kit will do one of two things – either go over just simply the basics and assume you know nothing, or go over way too much and not give you the guidance needed to put all those tools to use. Fortunately, IMA is suitable for everyone – from total newbies who never earned online to those who are already making money but would like to make more. The members’ area covers just about every strategy and technique about earning online so it is just a matter of choosing which one is best for you.

You will also get access to tools and software that will save you time, get more visitors for free, eliminate advertising costs, and in effect, make you more money. These tools are designed to work with the different techniques shown in the training and are not available anywhere else. As a result, your chance for success is magnified. At this point you might not find you have the need for all of these and may have some preferred tools you already use. However, having all these available together with the training material within just one membership is both extremely handy and valuable.

You may have purchased a product before and found out later that it is not something you can actually do. This is where you can never go wrong with IMA. Everything is covered on the training such as paid advertising, SEO, email marketing, affiliate marketing, article marketing, product creation, social media, e-commerce, local marketing, etc. Because it contains lessons on different areas, the best way to optimize your membership is to choose a strategy, follow it, work on website traffic, then start making money. When you start seeing results, you can choose another business model then repeat the steps again.

Now if you are completely new to internet marketing it could be that you will find everything available on this site a little overwhelming. You might easily be tempted to try and look at everything at once. The advice here would be to go first to a section especially created for beginners and make use of the “newbie action plan.” In addition, there is a helpful forum available where you can get appropriate support and advice.

Investing in this monthly membership will give you instant access to a set of valuable tools and all resources which will help you to succeed in developing your own Internet marketing business. Study the methods and tips given by two extremely experienced marketers who are enjoying an excellent reputation for superb customer service. Even if you are not quite sure whether to join or not, it would be wise to take the IMA $1 trial offer, which will give you immediate access to over 200 videos, 80 step-by-step manuals and more, and will allow you to test drive the members area risk free. There is a “no questions asked” 60-day money back guarantee available as well.




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