Just what exactly is a blog and how do people make money blogging?, you may be asking yourself, if this is all new to you, or perhaps you’ve just heard about it and wonder what it is all about. I consider myself to be pretty online business and marketing savvy, yet honestly the word blog is still a bit foggy to me, so I decided to start doing some research on this seemingly quite popular online activity. At first glance it appears to me that there make money blogging | make money | make money online | blogging toolsare some who are making a very decent income with blogging while in contrast, others were delighted to be making a few dollars here and there with it. I thought for sure they were just being sarcastic, yet it actually seemed that they were being honest. Perhaps they had never made a penny online thus the elation?! I read a few comments that were ones like “I was so happy I made $1.83 last month!”

Sorry but I can’t stop laughing. I mean really, less than $2.00 in a month and that person wants to throw a party?! If I were to ever consider learning to make money blogging, I would first of all be sure I found out everything those couple-dollars-a-month people did wrong or just were too lazy to do, and then diligently study and learn from the ones who are making at least a grand or more per month on a consistent basis. Apologies if you were one of those couple-dollars-a-month happy earners, but come on now, unless you won the lottery and do not need to make any money, why on earth were you so happy over such a ridiculous ROI (return on investment)?  Do you want to make a decent amount of money blogging? Then read on to learn what I picked up from the experts, first of all from the infamous Wikipedia.

According to Wikipedia, a blog is simply a part or type of a website. These blogs are normally maintained by a person with regular entries and can be commentaries, reports of various events or even such things as graphics or perhaps some videos as well. A typical blog uses a combination of images, links, media related to the topic, text and web pages, while also allowing for the readers or visitors of the blog to leave comments and messages, thus enabling interactions to take place. The interaction is often what makes blogs unique and distinguishes them from regular websites.

One of the very first things you will want to do if you are contemplating that you just may want to seriously learn how to make money blogging is to choose both a niche subject that could potentially bring in money for you, and a domain name which is based upon the research you have put into it. Then go on to buy that domain name, host it and set up your blog. Yes indeed, there is work involved! So if by any chance you were thinking you could just hop on Facebook or Twitter and start writing about your favorite sport and an hour or two later the money would automatically start overflowing into your bank account, I have to break it to you gently…it will not happen. You definitely need to take some time to really decide if you have the proper mindset to engage in something that will require your effort, energy, money and time before you just jump in blindly, hoping to make money blogging.

Researching until you find a profitable niche is a very important part of learning how to make money blogging. To find this you will need to learn how to grasp doing an effective keyword research. One well known blogger who seems to be a guru at this suggested downloading a free copy of Market Samurai and notes that although it is indeed free to sign up and go through their video lessons, after the free trial period you would need to buy the software for a reasonable price to be able to keep using the full version. However, if your budget is a bit tight, the best alternative would definitely be the free version of Traffic Travis. According to this blogger, Market Samurai is well worth the money and can save you many hours of time if you were to just try to figure it out on your own, what I can confirm as well. Apparently he went that route and spent years of trial and error and had disasters happen that he really did not want to go into, perhaps since he did not make money blogging at that time.  Anyone else been there?! I know I certainly have, so if you have plenty of time and want to take the long route feel free, but know that you also have somewhat of a shortcut available that does include a fee.

Next you will want to buy and host your domain name which I alluded to earlier, but remember, only after you have conducted a good amount of research so that you can have one that will be profitable for you. What is so great about buying a catchy domain name if no one will either know about it and thus not find it (I have to admit I have done that and actually put together a fantastic website that honestly I think barely anyone could find!) You will also want one that people will be interested in enough to read and stay plugged in with. Three places that come to find when searching for a great domain name and hosting are of course the very popular GoDaddy for domain names and HostGator and Bluehost for hosting.

Now it is time to get your blog installed and set up properly. Both HostGator and Bluehost are recommended as they provide cpanel hosting and will actually walk you through the steps via the telephone on how to install a Word Press blog correctly if needed. With their help, you can quite easily be set up and ready to go in about just ten minutes. If you prefer a different hosting company, be sure they have one click installations for Word Press. The next step is to optimize your Word Press installation. WordPress offers lots of free templates and plugins which will help to optimize your blog for whatever niche you are in. However, if you got some money left, I would recommend visiting the Semiologic website and buying the Semiologic Pro Package. This blogging software includes, in my view, everything essential for creating a successful blog. They provide a great service and will help installing their software. If you are on a tight budget, check out Alex Goad and Bryan McConnahea’s Authority Pro 2.0. This is not just a clean, crisp WordPress Theme, but it is extremely SEO optimized as well. You can probably customize anything you want with just a few clicks of your mouse. And don’t forget to start building your list right away when your blog is alive. However, make sure you are following the right list building blueprint to avoid start up mistakes, which can have a negative effect on your business. And yes, you will need a professional autoresponder service as well. Always choose one of the well known reliable ones and don’t opt for any free versions because you are building here a valuable asset of your business. Yes, this all can cost some money, but if you are looking to make money blogging seriously, you need to see this as a business and businesses do have expenses, and the fee is not so bad in the big scope of things.

The grand total for expenses for one year with just one domain can add up a bit. Still, it is quite a small amount compared to most every other business, plus you probably want to be in the $1,000 a month or more group rather than the “oh wow I made $1.83 this month!” group…right?! I almost forgot to mention you will need good, quality informative and entertaining content. If you are a good writer that is great, but if not you can easily hire a professional to do the writing for you. One very impressive company to look into is called Need-An-Article.com (or N.A.A.). They have great writers with extremely reasonable prices. Hopefully, this has been of some value to you, best of luck, work it seriously, and you should make money blogging even if it takes longer than you would like. However, there is one important task left you have absolutely to do…Take Action! Good luck!


Market Samurai – Great tool, more than just a keyword tool.

Traffic Travis – One of the best free keyword tools available.

GoDaddy – The world’s most known and the largest registrar.

namecheap – Reasonably priced registrar and good service.

HostGator – Very affordable hosting plans and a top customer service. Use code BloggingTools to get $9.94 off your bill.

Semiologic Pro Package – A complete blogging software package.

Authority Pro 2.0 – Not just another WordPress theme. This is a top SEO optimized platform, easy to customize even by newbies, designed by Internet marketers for Internet marketers.

Flexibility – A lighter but free version of the FlexSqueeze theme, easy to customize.

Simple List Building Blueprint – High quality home study video course. With these simple step-by-step videos, you won’t have a question in your mind as to how to do it.

AWeber – One of the best email autoresponder services available. Get a test drive for $1.

Need-An-Article.com – Great company, top writers, reasonable prices.

SpinnerChief – Probably the best article spinner available in a free version.

Daily Niche Idea – Free service if you run out of niche ideas.

Become A Blogger Videos – 10 great free videos which will help you to get started.

WordPress Classroom – #1 resource for learning everything there is to know about WordPress.

WordPress.org – WordPress homepage


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