It can be said without doubt that list building is still the heart and soul of Internet marketing, and the saying “The money is in the list” has not lost its importance. It is a fact that marketing to existing customers is considerably easier than getting new ones. Once you have established a relationship with your subscribers, you will definitely realize the great benefit of having a list which will allow you as a marketer to contact your opt in list | opt in email list | list building blueprint | email marketingcustomers repeatedly, introducing special offers and making some sales. Still, there is certainly a question most people starting in Internet marketing are having in their minds: What is the right basic list building process, what do I need and how to build an email list at all? Setting up an opt-in list can be a bit of a difficult task initially as well as it is quite important to understand that in order to become successful in email marketing you have to set up your campaigns properly right from the start.

When you have an opt-in list you can use it to drive instant traffic to websites provided it’s suitable for your targeted subscribers. The advantage is you can do this without difficulty any time you want or need traffic. And it is free traffic with no need for writing lots of articles or making numerous forum and blog posts. Always bear in mind, building an email list means creating a valuable asset. In other words, you are actually investing in your future.

To be able to turn visitors into subscribers you have to offer them something. That’s why it is paramount to publish top content on your website regularly. The content you are providing has to be beneficial to your visitors. If they like it, this quality content will let them return to your site, and they will subscribe to your opt-in list eventually.

If your site features excellent quality content providing the right help and advice for your prospects, it is a good idea to offer a newsletter on your opt-in form. Your visitors will assume that the newsletter is of the same high quality as your website’s content. Consequently, they are more likely to sign up. Offering a free gift has always been and still is a quite easy way to persuade someone to subscribe to your email list. Few people can resist getting something for free nowadays. Then again, remember that the free incentive your readers will get in exchange for their details has to be of high value, since this is the starting point of your marketing funnel.

Forums are a great way for people to connect on any topic imaginable. However, first you have to establish your credibility by posting responsible questions and answers just before you can add links to your signature. When you engage in the discussions the appropriate way you will get trusted followers who will then most likely click the links in your signature to get more help and information, and you will start building your opt-in list of targeted subscribers. But, please don’t forget, the purpose of a forum is mainly exchanging ideas and not just marketing products or services.

One essential tool you will need is undoubtedly an autoresponder. Take your time to take a look at the various services available and choose wisely. It is quite challenging to change autoresponder providers afterwards, mainly because your subscribers might have to re-subscribe to your new list if they want to continue receiving your emails. I would not advise deciding on one of the free services out there. As I mentioned before, your list is a valuable asset of your business, and your autoresponder will pay for itself in no time.

Building an opt-in list is likely the most important part of your online business. You need a quality list in order to make money online. It will take some time to get it all started properly. Your market needs to know, trust and appreciate you. However, it is essential as well that you decide on the right list building blueprint from the beginning in order to avoid common mistakes. By doing so there won’t be any obstacles left stopping you from creating your own successful email marketing campaigns.


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