The strategy and awareness of being consistent in your marketing and advertising is not something you find talked about very much on the web. Maybe people have not considered just how vital it is to be successful nowadays, or perhaps it is simply not addressed by many who write about business. Then again, if you don’t marketing Strategy | consistent marketing | make money online | blogging toolscarry out your marketing and advertising strategies consistently, you might not achieve the outcome you have planned for your business. The reason for this effect is the functioning of human nature and how we understand what we see and respond to it. When our experiences don’t match with what we actually count on according to previous experience, next it will lead to uneasiness and might unconsciously appear illogical. The result is to step away from it, and this is correct for your marketing and advertising strategies as well.

For example, let’s take a look at  squeeze pages. It is most likely that we all have used the help of a squeeze page to develop our list. Once someone has subscribed, quite often he or she will then be shown a one time offer. Anyway, what is shown next after the squeeze page is entirely the particular marketer’s decision. Still, being consistent with your marketing strategy is rather important as you can see.

What we normally do not know is precisely how the visitor will feel about the squeeze page design like the color scheme, for instance. If this site is substantially different from the next one, it will definitely represent a kind of inconsistency and might create some sort of uncomfortableness for this person, meaning fewer conversions. A simple solution would be here to make both page designs look a lot more related.

Then again, this is true for other areas involving affiliate marketing as well. Let us look at review sites linking to various product pages. Well, it is probably quite impossible to match all the different sales page designs. However, it is achievable as well as beneficial to create a review site which makes it possible for a seamless transition to all those sales pages. The point here is to avoid uncommon designs, which won’t blend properly with the other sites. You are fine by just trying to adjust your color scheme as much as possible.

Providing a certain kind of consistency applies to nearly everything relating to your business, particularly the way you write your marketing messages. In general, most people are consistent with their email marketing strategy. Still, if you market to your viewers something, which is substantially different from what they typically get from you, it might lead to some sort of a problem. Anyway, it does take place, although it doesn’t appear to be a frequent problem. However, it occurs, which shows that we can believe that quite a few Internet marketers are either not aware of the need to be consistent or do not realize this at all.


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