There are a lot of automated blogging software programs out there. The idea behind them is that you push start, and then they send spiders out through the web, trolling for content that matches specific keywords you put into the program. Then they take the content they find and put it on your site. You get to enjoy the advantages from having a site full of content that gets updated quickly without having to go through the work of practically creatblogging software | blogging tools | blog | make money onlineing the content yourself. It seems like a dream come true. Except…

It appears as if Google is gearing up for a significant cracking down on all those sites that are not filled with original content. They are adding measures in place that will enable them to check on your site’s content to make sure that it has not shown up somewhere else first. If the blog you are operating has mostly copied content material, you could be in for some real trouble. At the very minimum you will lose credibility in the eyes of Google. So what happens to the folks who want to create an automated business?

This primarily means that the business owners and creators around are going to have to learn how to really work hard or find the money to pay others to work hard for them. This is great, since it helps to guard the select few who have done the hard work that goes into generating original content. It also can help to be sure that a person is running a serious business. If you are not good at crafting or creating content, it is advisable to find the money to pay someone to create it for you. Trust us when we say that the expenditure will be really worth it.

The real truth of the matter is that on the Internet, there are lots of blogs that are made upon the hard work of others. The sites then generate income by employing that plagiarized content and placing lots of ads on every page. This is usually an easy method to earn some extra money, but if you get caught you can be sure that the trouble will be a lot. Stealing written content is kind of an enormous deal in the end. Students almost everywhere will get expelled from school for failing to correctly cite a reference. Think about what type of trouble you may be in if you do not credit your source correctly, or if you go so far as to steal another person’s intellectual property. Won’t it basically be simpler just to compose your own work?

The simple fact is that if you really want to earn money, you have to put in some work. Google is trying to reward the people who are doing that hard work while punishing the people who are stepping on the backs of the hard workers. This is a good thing. It helps to even out the playing field between the people who are genuinely trying to help others and earn a place for themselves online and those who only want to make a quick buck.

Therefore, when considering any automated blogging software program, think carefully about it, given that web people should actually be ready now to do some serious and hard work. Google is certainly trying to find a reason to take down individuals who are not willing to do real work!


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