There are many programs out there that aim to give you the best advertising program for your websites. Some of the programs include Google’s Adsense, Yahoo! Publisher Network, Adbrite, and Bidvertiser. These programs and companies are essentially competing for your websites, and they are all aimed at giving you the most advertising that you can get. Once you get the advertising from these companies and receive traffic, these pay-per-click companies receive more revenue from the people that are targeted towards their ads. Although the basic service that these companies offer webmasters is basically the same, there are a few differences that you will notice when you begin to sign up with several of these companies.

Although Google’s Adsense may be the pay-per-click program that webmasters may be most familiar with because they were one of the very first to actually advertise towards webmasters for their advertising program, the other companies continue to gain strength and are on the upswing throughout the industry. One unique issue with Google’s Adsense is that before you are able to display the Adsense on your website you must fill out a detailed application. Even though more often than not the websites that apply are accepted to have Adsense displayed on their site, the application process alone might deter people from applying for Adsense. But on the other hand, Google Adsense’s application process is a good way to tell if the website you are trying to generate revenue for will actually be a good candidate for their program. By looking at your webisite, Google will be able to tell if you will be able to gain a lot of traffic through it’s program.

But after your website is accepted for Adsense, the rest is pretty simply. You are given a little strip of code to put on your website that will display the advertisers ads so that your traffic that you receive will be inclined to click on them and order from them.

However, Adsense will display ads on your website for almost anything that you have displayed. The Adsense program reads your websites and deciphers which ads would be best to display. One pay per click revenue program that has a different system is Adbrite. Adbrite’s system is actually more targeted to those who are interested in buying products. In other words, you may be better off using Adbrite if you are selling something more than if you just wanted to present an informational website. Bidvertiser, if one is so inclined to sign up with them, will give other revenue-generating programs a run for their money! The main way that they are different from the other companies is that they give you a larger or smaller amount for each of your traffic’s clicks through your website. This amount is determined by the way your website is designed. If you have a uniquely designed website then you will definitely win with Bidvertiser; however, if you have a dull website that doesn’t have a lot of information, then you might be better off not using Bidvertiser!

The Yahoo! Publisher Network is a different pay per click program altogether! This program would probably be the best for beginners in the pay per click and advertising revenue industry if they knownothing more than what these companies will do for you. The reason that YPN is suggested for beginners is because that it will allow you to create a free website from Yahoo’s system if you do not have one. So you can build your website, have it hosted by Yahoo!, and receive their advertising program on the same network! For beginners, this takes a lot of the confusion out of the mix of where to host, what your domain name should be, and what they should have on their website. Yahoo’s system gives you everything all in one for the beginner webmaster!

All of these companies, however, are designed to generate revenue for you while making your website stand out and quietly run in the background. Signing up with more than one of these pay per click programs is actually a good technique to use because you are receiving revenue from more than one source! But carefully examining the single best revenue-generating company to stick with is of utmost importance, whether it be Google’s Adsense, YPN, Bidvertiser, or Adbrite!

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