As you probably know, social bookmarking as a marketing and backlinking strategy has been around for a few years. There seems to be no decline in their popularity, especially for off page SEO purposes. Still, you really should never neglect or overlook what could be done for the more long-term methods at high PR bookmarking sites. It basically is a matter of your particular business goals and perhaps what appeals to you. Social bookmarking sites generally give you a place to keep bookmarks, for those who are really new to IM. Plus you can tag your bosocial bookmarking | social bookmarking sites | backlinks | seookmarks with your particular keywords, which can help with some SEO, but it tends to be temporary.

Several years ago the more popular bookmark sites made all their links to nofollow which had a huge effect on bookmark rankings. Places like Technorati and Digg, plus a few others were able to dominate the first pages of SERPS in Google due to their high PR status. Who really knows if Google had any influence over those powerful bookmarking sites and the nofollow relational attribute. However it is interesting, and we all know how Google is or can be.

But you can gain exposure when you take a more responsible approach to using social bookmarking sites. Most people who use them for backlinking tend to create very thin profiles that offer no value to the specific community. However, I am aware of people who do take a few more minutes creating their profiles. They have found that the more ‘full bodied’ profiles do not get deleted and have a longer shelf life. Plus, when you do this you are contributing something to the site, and you can keep high quality bookmark profiles for years.

When you do design a useful profile with content, then of course you can create an RSS feed from that. That means you’ll be able to post those feeds to RSS directories, plus they are able to get indexed. You may include your various links plus precise content in your feeds as well. However, you do have to take care and exercise caution so you are not over promoting because that can cause a loss of subscribers to your feed. Consequently, always provide exceptional content in your feeds and stay clear of being spammy with the links in them.

What you have to do is maintain a balance between promoting your money sites/offers and offering good quality content that your subscribers will appreciate. The more you do that and actually do a little bit of networking, you will gain more exposure and trust-rank, so to speak, at these sites. It is best to maintain a respectful presence at social bookmarking sites, and if you do that then you will find it serves you well.

Ultimately, how you approach using social bookmarking sites in your own business is entirely up to you. Most people tend to just use them for backlinking, and it does seem that the approach outlined above is not used by so many individuals. However, there really is power in that strategy based on the feedback we hear from those who use it.


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