Writing a converting sales page or landing page may seem like an easy task. While it is not difficult, there are certain steps you need to take, and rules you have to follow so that you can promote your e-book or products the correct way. Quite a lot of people rush through this step, and as a result their product does not sell that well or not at all. Let’s assume, you were planning to write an e-book. You may think probably that writing an e-book is the same like writing a regular book, and you won’t need a sales or landing page. However, inadequate sales page | landing page | make money online | blogging toolsplanning will result in all of your hard work going down the tubes. If this is your first time writing an e-book, here is a guide to help you create a proper sales page to compliment it.

Before you start with your actual e-book, first you need to write your sales letter. This will be the promotional page for your actual book. The reason you write your copy prior to the e-book is because the e-book has yet to be created. This leaves you open to make a powerful sales page since you are not limited to what is already in the e-book.

By doing this, you can describe to your potential customers what it will be about and what benefits they will gain from buying it. Once your sales pager is finished, you now have an outline for your e-book. I do hope, this will make any sense to you.

Purpose of a Sales Page

The sales or landing page has three main goals:

1. Grab the attention of the potential customer.

2. A detailed explanation of the benefits of the product.

3. Create a call to action – turn the visitor into a buyer.

The content of your sales page is the most important part on the page, so you do not have to add lots of graphics, which might confuse the visitors. You want them to focus on the content and not the graphics.

Sales Page Structure

A sales page is designed a particular way, and with good reason. You want to keep the customer interested and the content flowing smoothly.

You start with the header or title; next, the promises (what you will give them), testimonials (happy customers), product information, benefits to them, bonuses you are offering (everyone loves bonuses), guarantee (if they don’t like it, they can get their money back) and lastly the closing or summary.


The goal of the header is to get the reader’s attention. This should be in a large font, bolded. It sort of sucks them onto the page. If you have a logo, you may include that as well, but DO NOT add too many things to distract them from your content.

The Promise

Here you basically offer the benefit – Learn How You Can Cure Your Acne in Two Days!!!


This should include feedback from customers who have received your product. You can usually exchange an e-book or a free CD for a testimonial. Include pictures where possible, those work best. Since video marketing has become so popular, marketers are even turning to video testimonials. What better way than to hear praises about your products in living color.

The testimonials are placed right after the promises, just in case someone is thinking your product is no good, or they have some negative feelings about it. If you wait and place it at the bottom of the page, they will have probably already moved on.

One important point I like to mention here: Please don’t fake any testimonials. They have to be real, written by real people. If you make it up, it could get you into some serious trouble.

Product Information

Here is where you can get creative. Since people tend to buy on emotion, here is where you show them your compassionate side and let them know that you understand, and explain your experience with that very problem:

“Acne can be tough to deal with; I know I had it too. You need to know that it is not your fault, and you are not alone. Many people are affected by acne everyday, but you can do like them and try xyz product. In just days, you will see the difference.”

I don’t know about you, but if I had acne, I’d be ready to place my order. The key is to identify the problem, relate to it, and offer a resolution. That almost always equals a sale.

The other thing I would stress is since e-books are different than regular books; you need to let your customer know exactly what they will be getting.

This will tell the potential customer the benefits they will receive when they purchase your product. Use bullet points to stress these points and add a testimonial, just in case they are having second thoughts. Give them as much information as possible here.


This is a tactic that has been shown to increase sales dramatically. Letting the customer think that they are getting a little something extra works really well. Adding a deadline on the bonuses tends to speed up the purchasing process because they don’t want to miss out on this golden opportunity. It has also been shown that bonuses reduce the risk returns.


With the number of scams being run both online and offline, potential buyers may be a bit skeptical about making a purchase. A solid guarantee puts their fears to rest because they know that they have the option of a refund. You can guarantee your product for 30, 60, 90 days or even lifetime if you choose. This lets the potential customer know that you stand behind your product 100%, otherwise you wouldn’t offer this guarantee. Make sure that your guarantee is clearly written with no fine print. Clearly state the terms of the return, i.e. re-sellable condition, everything must be intact, etc.

The Closing

The most important part of the sales letter is how you close it. Here is your last chance to sell them before they click away forever. If they have followed the sales page this long, they are definitely interested so reel them in and get that catch.

Here you include the greatest benefits, why they should act now, and emphasize again how you want to help them with their problem. Include a Pay Now button to make is easy for them.
Include a P.S., P.S.S, P.S.S.S., letting them now that this offer may not be available again, or it is selling out fast, and they need to act now.

Now that your sales letter is complete. You have to provide a way for your customer to pay for their product. PayPal works well for most, but there are other checkout services available as well.

Don’t forget to add a SSL certificate. This lets your customer know that their information is safe and secure. You must also include product delivery information: Buy now link; a detailed description of the product and what they will receive; delivery options or how the product will be delivered and the estimated delivery time.

Now that you have your sales page completed, it is the right time to write your e-book, and then to start marketing it successfully with that well crafted sales or landing page.


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