If you have been in the Internet marketing game for any length of time you know the word “traffic” comes up quite often. Drive traffic, buy traffic, organic traffic, targeted traffic…  This is a never-ending conversation and the reason why it is so important is because this is the foundation of the world of Internet marketing. Without traffic there would be nogenerate traffic | internet marketing | blogging tools sales and without sales, there is no money to be made. Just as there are different types of traffic, there are different ways to generate traffic for your site.

Organic traffic

Also known as free traffic – Normally a little bit slower to obtain because you have to build it up. Relying on organic traffic is not a bad thing, especially if you are on a limited budget but just know that it does not happen over night, and it requires constant monitoring to make it successful. Patience is the key here. It can be done and quite rewarding, but I will take some time; in some cases, a lot of time.

There are a few ways to generate free traffic; some of these are blogs, which have gotten extremely popular, social networking sites, forums, article writing and submission. Blogs produce traffic based on the visitors who frequent your blog. Keep it exciting and you will build traffic.

Social networking sites generate traffic by creating a network of friends. The more they comment, the more traffic you are building. Once you have developed a network of friends you can, when appropriate, pitch a sale or two. The social networking sites were not designed for marketing, and they do not take kindly to people who blatantly promote their products.

Writing articles, takes a little time because there is some research involved, depending on your niche and submitting your articles to the article directories can be time consuming. There are programs available that will submit your articles to the directories for you. In other words, they will take your article and submit it to several different places. If you do not have the time to write, consider outsourcing the task. You can hire a writer to do 500 word articles for cheaper than you think.

Paid Traffic

This process basically works the same way, but the process is different. One of the great things about paid traffic is that you start generating traffic much quicker. If you create and run an AdWords campaign with Google, you start seeing traffic in minutes. Keep in mind that there is a little more risk involved since a pay per click campaign involves spending money on the number of clicks, even if you do not make a sale. This could be a substantial loss if you don’t play your cards right.

Is any one method better than the other? Who knows. Each person has their system, or take on what works for them and what does not. A combination is sure to generate some traffic along the way.


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