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One day my Internet marketing friend told me, “The real money is in opt email lists, and you know what, dude? You need to start building.” Build? What was I in construction? “No, dude, you build opt email lists, you know, with an auto-responder!”

It sounded dull and boring. Even so, my friend mentioned it again some weeks later. “Dude, you get people who come to your site and buy, then they leave, and you don’t see ’em again. Forever! Then you have to work hard to get another customer. But if you have your opt email lists set up, you can sell to the same customer over and over.”

No thanks, I wasn’t having any of it. However, my friend mentioned it for the third and final time some weeks later. “Dude, let me quote you a statistic.” Oh-oh, he was getting serious on me. “Most of the time, customers don’t buy right away. They need to see what you’re selling on average 7 times before they’re ready to buy. Once a potential customer leaves your website without buying, they’re not likely to come back. Even if they like what you’re selling and just want to take a little time to think about it, they’ll probably get busy and forget your website’s URL. Got it?”

His point was that you can stay in contact with your potential customers if they’re on your opt email lists. Consequently, I started building them. Furthermore, it wasn’t as bad as I imagined, not by a long shot. But if my friend had given me some specific tips for building opt email lists, I wouldn’t have had to go through so much trial and error. Therefore, subscribe to an affordable auto-responder service like GetResponse (I like them because they’re affordable), and try a few of these suggestions.

Make It Easy For them To Sign On The Dotted Line

No one wants to have to work to get what you’re giving away. They don’t want to be confused and have to hunt for what you’re giving away. The easier, the better. If you have a newsletter, a blog or a website, give your visitors a break. Don’t make them hunt for your opt email sign-up form. Put it close to content, above the fold. Then talk about the benefits of signing up. Make it alluring, something like “secrets and tips you won’t find elsewhere!”

A Free e-book Or Report Is A Reason To Join Your Opt Email Lists

You can get away with as little as 5 pages if you write a special report. Give it away on your website or landing page in exchange for your potential customer’s email address. It’s only a little work and can derive a big pay off in the form of a flood of new email addresses. An e-book doesn’t have to be lengthy either. Do yourself a favor, though. Don’t use some e-books or free reports that have already been all over the Internet. People will unsubscribe if you use crappy recycled stuff. Write it yourself or pay someone to write it.

Visit Forums and Getting Involved Helps Build Your Opt Email Lists

Old news, right? But have you done it? Some forums let you post a signature link when you participate. Some allow you to post a link in your user profile. If you post a valuable answer, people might just come to your profile page to check you out. Once they see your URL in your signature or in your profile, they may follow it to your landing page or website where — you guessed it — they can sign up on one of your opt email lists.

Article Marketing Brands You As An Expert

Yes, you’ve heard that one a million times before too, but it works. Good thing about it is that if your article is useful, you’ll get a steady stream of new subscribers over time. When you write an article, too, you establish yourself as something of an expert. And that means that people will trust you. Trust means they’ll sign up for your opt email lists.

Publishing An Electronic Newsletter Will Help Build Your Opt Email Lists

If you decide to publish an electronic newsletter, don’t turn it into a time-sucking venture. You can get away with publishing your newsletter twice a month, even once a month. If you join an auto-responder service like Get Response, you’ll be provided with a sign-up form and your opt-in email chores will be handled for you. You can just focus on banging out your newsletter and hitting that publish button.

Heck, you can even buy a list if you can afford it. Do your homework – don’t end up buying opt email lists from some spammer. If you go on this route, beware of spending a lot of money; I warn you, some lists are quite expensive. If you buy a list, make sure that it’s opt-in or even double opt-in.

You don’t have to follow all the above-cited tips – you can try one or two. Therefore, now you’re all set. Time to start building those opt email lists!

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