There is a new and disturbing angle to BHO Parasite ware that is stealing millions of dollars from affiliates and merchants. This parasite is even more insidious because it is promulgated by an affiliate network in conjunction with a sister company that is running the parasite. Although the appearance of another parasitic toolbar stealing commissions is no surprise.The fact that an affiliate network is involved does.

One Cause says they donate a portion of commissions to charities and under that guise they encourage people to download their toolbar. Once the toolbar is downloaded onto someones computer, this toolbar overwrites cookies and redirects on 460 different merchants.

This means that no matter how a customer arrives at any of the 462 merchants sites, One Cause will take the commission.So if you as an average affiliate send a customer to a store such as Ebay or Dell or any of the other 460 merchants you will lose your commission. If your customer has One Cause on their computer, One Cause will steals your commission. If you are one of the 460 merchants and a customer types in your website and then makes a purchase, One Cause earns a commission for doing nothing! One Cause gives half or so to charity and pockets the rest. Over 211 MILLION is claimed to have been donated. This means well over 211 MILLION stolen from affiliates and from merchants.

One Cause purports to help people turn their online shopping into a charitable activity. And if that would be all, it would be okay. However, it’s not. The curious thing is that both One Cause and LinkShare are owned by Rakuten USA. And the One Cause toolbar has been verified to overwrite affiliate cookies.Now, what does this mean for you? It means that if you use LinkShare (,and they’re not the only one, just the biggest) and you attract traffic with your hard work, ingenuity and hard earned money, all potential customers that have the One Cause toolbar installed won’t generate a dime for you. Your affiliate cookie will be overwritten by One Cause. You will lose.

Will proof convince you?  How about this.  Over a dozen videos of a clean PC installing the toolbar, surfing an affiliate (like you), and then going to any of over 460 merchants. It clearly shows the One Cause toolbar is overwriting affiliate cookies.  You can go over to ABW and read the saga for yourself, watch the videos and see how LinkShare and One Cause are ripping you off.

Whether you are an affiliate, a merchant or program manager you need to read the posts at ABW and watch at least a few of the videos. If you are an affiliate be sure to let your merchants know what is happening. This hurts both affiliates and merchants.


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