So you have finally built up a list and you are excited. You have a large enough list that you think you can probably quit the day-job and make a living selling affiliate products or even your own.

But wait, unfortunately there is one small problem, your sales rates are abysmal! You have got less than one person in a hundred buying the products you recommend. Are your sales pitches really that bad?
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So you go into your autoresponder dashboard and see that your sales rates are actually pretty damn good for the people who opened your emails. But your tracking is telling you that a lot of them just are not being opened.

Sure, a lot of people on your list only signed up for the freebie. This is quite normal. However, if you have got an abnormally small open rate, then it might be time to consider if your mails are going directly into the spam zone. But how can that happen and hurt your list building efforts?

Simply, bad subject lines. Bad subject lines are the number one reason for ending up in the bulk spam mail folder. If your subject lines tend to have these key phrases:

#1 reason
Free, Fr*ee, Fr*e, etc.
You have won

Then you are probably ending up in the spam zone.

There is only one solution: Quit using bad lines! It is really not that hard to think of interesting subject lines that do not include the words or phrase above. Just spend a little bit of extra time on your subject lines, which won’t take much, but would help to turn your list building efforts into a successful campaign.

Using the word “free”. The word “free” in your body text can throw you into spam folders just as quickly as having it in the subject line, when it is combined with certain other words.

Currently, some marketers can get away with “fr*e, f.r.e.e.” etc. in the body text of their emails. So go ahead and do that if you absolutely have to. However, it is a safe bet that someday, email filters will pick up on this trick.

There might be a solution: Just spend a few bucks on a thesaurus!

You send attachments. Attachments can be a big no-no if you are not someone a user consistently emails back and forth with. And as a list owner, you are probably not. With all the viruses, spyware, Trojan horses and worms out there, it only makes sense that attachments will land your email in the bulk folder quicker than you probably can say “rootkit”.

Therefore, if you have got a bonus download to give out to your list – and you should, every once in a while – do not send it via attachment. Instead, upload it to a server, then email the link to your list.

You are using your hosting account’s autoresponder. Professional autoresponder services like Aweber and Getresponse have been around for a while. They have taken steps to make sure they are not used for spam purposes and have built up a good relation with the major email providers. But there is a good chance that has not.

However, what’s more is that web-host autoresponders are usually slow as well. This can make a big difference if you are promoting the latest product launch against 20 or 30 other lists, or even against one!

You have to use one of the professional autoresponder companies to be successful, like GetResponse or AWeber – you can check them out for a $1 test drive for the first month. In the end, you will be glad that you did when you see what you got back for all the effort and time invested in your list building campaign.


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