Just because you have a substantial subscriber list does not mean generally that you are producing an income. They say the money is in the list, but list building goes just a little bit deeper than that! You could have a list of 10,000 subscribers however, if no one is buying anything what good is it.

Many times people focus on creating these massive lists, but they lose focus of what the list was for initially. Yes, it is to promote your products, but if your focus is merely on building a list, that means there is no focus on the subscribers. Let’s face it, out of site out of mind, can easily be applied to your list if you are not list building | blogging toolscontacting them. In other words, if they do not hear from you, you are soon forgotten and that first email in six months might be replied to with an unsubscribe message. You have to put the same amount of work in to keep the subscribers interested as you did to get them in the first place.

Corresponding with your subscribers does not take a lot of effort. You want them to remember your name so when you promote a potentially profitable product they will say, “Oh I remember, that’s the guy that I purchased the great e-book from, I will try his product.” On the other hand, no contact and a high-priced item in their inbox will surely get the delete button.

An auto responder sending them monthly newsletters or emails is really all you need. No one wants seven emails a day from you, I do not care how good you are – it is annoying. You certainly want them to remember you in a pleasant way, don’t you?

Look at it from another angle. If you were in a store that you purchased from regularly, and every time you went in the sales staff was courteous and polite and assisted you with your purchases, but you go in one day, and it is like you are invisible. After standing there for five minutes or so and browsing through a couple of items, still no one has even acknowledged you. What would you do – leave the store mad a hell or ask for assistance?  Let us add something else here, there is another store two blocks away that has the same item. Now what would you do? Well, most people would leave the store saying in their minds how terrible the customer service is and how they are never going back, right? How dare, they treat me this way after I have spent so much money with them…

Now, look at your list building efforts, and take the subscribers on your mailing list. They read your sales page and responded. You replied a few times, they made a purchase and that is it until you want to promote your next product. Well, they have probably found someone else because you deserted them.

If you took the time to build your list, you should take the time to keep the subscribers happy, so they will stay with you. Remember for every one person, there are several sellers just waiting to snatch them away from you. So while the money is in the list, your list building efforts have to result in becoming a solid list of satisfied customers, or it will be quite useless to you.


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