When you first look at it, you might not really know what Mark Ling is doing with AffiloJetpack.

Mark has a reputation in the world of Internet marketing for helping to bring affiliate marketing to people. The products that he has provided before include the AffiloBlueprint course, the perfect way to start off your affiliate marketing efforts, and more expert affiliates can still benefit from his Affilorama Premium products.
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At the same time, AffiloJetpack gives me pause.

At first glance, you would think it is meant to educate total newbies in the world of affiliate marketing; however, it could also be jumpstarting advanced affiliate methods.

Those of you who are just getting started in the world of Internet marketing, Mark is here to show you just how to be successful in making money online.

First off, people have a lot of trouble picking the right niche to concentrate on. This is certainly true. There are affiliates who waste weeks picking the right niche. Fortunately, here comes AffiloJetpack, complete with Mark Link’s hand picked ten niches that are verified to bring you cash. This can really help out a lot of beginners.

There are even advanced affiliates who are looking for their next niche to enter that might benefit.

Mark has also figured out another obstacle in a newbie affiliate’s journey: the construction of their website – this made it necessary for him to create a WordPress theme of his very own that is meant to simplify the process for even novice web designers. The functionality and features provided in this theme are specific to affiliate marketers, like squeeze page generators that will give you a great layout that you can use for whatever promotion you plan to offer for your customers. This can help you quite a bit.

What’s more, Mark’s experience in getting new affiliates up to speed is evidenced in these templates, as there are even image uploaders that prove very handy for many who do not want to deal with FTP programs.

If you are new to web design, this is perfect for you. Using AffiloJetpack, you can take advantage of Incubator Hosting, which is a free hosting alternative Mark offers. As far as I can tell, you do have to do some work to put WordPress and your theme onto your web host. No matter what you do, there is always the chance of something going awry. Therefore, the one click setup that comes with this package can be great for newbies.

What’s more, you get a lot of great content in the form of fantastic, prewritten articles that you can customize for your SEO purposes, or just leave as they are.

Therefore, you can get everything you require to create an effective affiliate site with this easy to use starter kit. People who are new to the world of affiliate marketing and just want to get started fast can really benefit from this type of program.

However, there are more complicated parts to it as well.

Now, even though everything that has been provided so far would be perfect for its own sake… there is a lot more to it. There is much more behind the curtain than what we have shown you thus far.

The following stuff is the real show: an autoresponder message program with more than 80 messages provided, allowing you to start creating an opt-in list that you can promote to; they just sign up, and they are on your list.

According to Mark, nothing displeases him more than seeing an affiliate go through all the work to get started, only not to create an autoresponder series, as that is the real moneymaker for most.

I have actually failed to do this as well in the past. There are times in which you want to rush just through and get everything done before even thinking about following up. Alternatively, you could have just forgotten about it and not thought about it, because it might be too exhausting to contemplate.

Autoresponders just appear to be affiliate “extra credit,” but you should really emphasize it more than most do, according to Mark. You might even get to the point where your website doesn’t promote the affiliate products whatsoever!

With this autoresponder series, you get 65 emails that provide information, as well as 15 emails that make the sale, which Mark wrote on his own. You can also learn from Mark the best times to send out these emails; sometimes, timing is everything, and you might not get anywhere by just sending out a few emails every week or so.

You will find these emails to be very well written, much better than normal PLRs. They would work perfectly well as just regular articles if you just put them up! With these messages, you will be able to get people to verify your expertise on the subject… once they trust your opinion, you can start selling to them and getting commissions.

Something else that really impressed me about this program is the opinion held by Mark that, despite the fact there is not much risk to SEO, you run a larger chance of giving up when you don’t get overnight success in your efforts.

Therefore, AffiloJetpack comes with different ways to generate traffic for yourself, and training on the best ways to use them. SEO can continue to be a factor, but different methods can result in quicker money if you use them right and at the right frequency.

In summary? If you really want to get started easily and quickly, try out AffiloJetpack. Given all the months of time you would have to pour in otherwise to create your own website, you will laugh at how simple this is.

Even if you have some affiliate experience, you might start to look towards Mark’s product to see what it has to offer. It can cost twice as much as AffiloJetpack to get just one newsletter series this good. And with AffiloJetpack, you will be provided with newsletter series for each niche you get, which is up to five, making it an incredibly good deal.

To conclude this review, I think no matter how you view AffiloJetpack, you are sure to view it as a bargain and a boon to your business. The content itself is worth the cost, regardless of how highly you view the strategies Mark puts forth.

I would recommend AffiloJetpack to anyone in the business.


affilojetpack review | affilojetpack | mark ling | affiliate marketing


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