If you want to dominate your niche, the key to success is to get targeted traffic to your website. One very successful strategy is to use Google News to maximize your exposure and, therefore, bring cash-carrying buyers to your web page. To begin, you’ll want to start with an optimized press release.

You might need a paradigm shift if you think that the press release is to make an announcement about your targeted traffic | get targeted traffic | get traffic to your websiteproduct or service. It is not. In fact, your press release is just another tool you will use to reach prospects and direct them to your website. Here is how it works.

Google news uses algorithms and continuously crawls the web. Therefore, if a prospect types in specific keywords related to your niche market in Google, related press releases and articles are immediately accessible from more than 4,500 news sources.

This is why competitive intelligence is a critical step in your Internet marketing stratagem. By knowing your market and studying your competitors, you can have an insider’s look into what prospects are searching for when they utilize Google search. Then you are going to use these targeted keywords in your articles and press releases. To stand out among the 3 million plus articles that are indexed in Google News, you will need to use the very specific search terms you have developed after studying the keywords your competition is using to cash in.

Still, you will have to go a few steps beyond just using a few specific keywords. Keyword placement is very important if you want to get more targeted traffic to your website. Include the keyword in your headline. Although there is no specific number of times that you should include that keyword in the body of your article or press release, there are ways to optimize your article to stand head and shoulders above most of your competition.

To begin with, include the keyword in the first paragraph as well as the last paragraph of your article or press release. You will also want to add the search term at least once in the body. It is very important that your article is content-rich and not just focused on throwing in keywords. You may have read articles or seen web pages where keywords are inserted recklessly and randomly into the text to optimize the site. Google prefers content-rich pages, so integrate your search terms within good writing for best results.

You might be tempted to focus on branding in your press release. Unless you are promoting a product that already has a lot of exposure, focus more on using a generic description of your product or service. That way, prospects who are looking for a keyword phrase are more likely to find your press release. Furthermore, link your press release to your website; however, create an individual page for it.

Once your press release or article gets listed in Google News, you will get more targeted traffic to your website. Your article is usually indexed within 10 minutes, so you can expect to see results fairly quickly, especially if your topic is newsworthy and timely. Once you are listed in Google News, people will see you as an authority and will visit your site more often.


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