Just like with any team sport, the terms of offense and defense are important Internet marketing tips as well. Offensive marketing like putting sites up, advertising, Pay Per Click, etc. is where you make your money. However, defensive marketing is essential too, because it is what allows your sites to work. This is especially important when you do things in a huge way.

internet marketing tips | internet marketing tip | internet marketing | blogging toolsFor example, say you are taking over a niche by putting up five or ten websites that target the same consumer base and the same key terms. You have found a good web designer who can make several different websites about the same thing, but make each one look different from the other.

Yet, for ease of use, they all have the same CSS file or same template, or same directory names. Maybe they all have the same footer or copyright notice. It is not something that is likely to be noticed by your consumers. The few that might potential notice probably won’t care as long as your site meets their needs.

Google, on the other hand, might not take so kindly to you. They might not appreciate what you are doing. So suddenly you noticed that every single one of your sites in that niche has gone down, along with all the time, work, and money you have put into those sites. And down with all of that future income you were counting on – that is no longer there!

Being defensive about your social bookmarks and bought links is another one of the good Internet marketing tips. If you have decided your link-buying or link-building campaign is not paying off for you, do not stop it all at once. This may cost you a bit more time or money in the short run, but in the long run it will save your site. Why?

When Google sees a sudden drop in links that point to your site, or even just a sudden slow-down in the number of links regularly added, it is going to assume that you have been buying links. Google even has its own form for reporting others that you might suspect of buying and selling links. So you can imagine what happens when they think you have been buying links to your site…

That’s right – time, money, and hard work, all down the drain.

And please keep in mind this important tip when it comes to Internet marketing, that you also don’t want to add a billion links to your site all at once. Stagger them out. A good time to add the most links is when you publish new content like articles or blog posts for your site. Second-best is when you submit to article directories.

It will also be to your advantage to add new links whenever you put out a press release for your site. Depending on your niche, this may be the best time of all.

Defensive marketing is important because it keeps you in the SERPs so that your offensive marketing can work. One of the main tips in Internet marketing to remember is to just not get in a hurry with the way you do things, and to play your offense at the right times!


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