Building a website and being able to create income from it is like a puzzle. There are little pieces that all come together to make a profit for your online business. One very important piece of this puzzle is getting ranked high within the search engines, and link building is one way to move up the search engine ladder.

Therefore, one of the most important pieces to your puzzle is link building. Link building is an ongoing process that if done correctly, you can continue to rise to the top in the search engine rankings.

Link building methods are used to not only give your site increased exposure, but to align you also with others who have built a solid online reputation. These strategies can be used with other tools to create many avenues for your website to be profitable. There are several types of link building techniques, the most commonly used, is exchanging links with other websites and blogs.

Although this method takes some time because you have to build networking relationships, but once this is done, you will have a solid network of like-minded individuals in your corner.

Link Exchange Methods

When using link exchange methods, there are a few things to keep in mind:

Reciprocal Links

  • Only link to relevant sites. In other words, if your niche is dog training, links to dog products, veterinarians, and things related to but not similar, would be great.
  • Find sites that are popular and ranked high in the search engines. The search engines like to see that you have paired with quality, credible sites.
  • Find sites that have been around for a long time. This helps to ensure consistency.

One Way Links

One way link building works a little differently because you are paying for links to build traffic, although some marketing companies provide this service free of charge.


The search engines love backlinks to websites and blogs. In fact, backlinks play a major role when Google assigns page rankings to a site.

Link Building

This is a combination of more than one method. By using sound link building practices, you are actually building your site’s popularity. This will not happen overnight, but your time invested will pay off from the rise in the search engine rankings and the increased traffic derived from other sources.

By using link strategies and sitting tight in the end, you will find that the reward for all your link building efforts was well worth the wait when you crush your competition by ranking at the top of your niche market.


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