I guess that most people involved in Internet marketing know by now that links are important. If you want to achieve a good position in Google’s search engine and maintain your ranking as well, this is the key ingredient. Still, what many people don’t realize nowadays, due to all the paid SEO and Web 2.0 strategies available, is the fact that conventional link building techniques still work.

Unfortunately, quite a few people overlook that in order to make these simple, free techniques work for them, link building techniques | link building | seo | blogging toolsthey actually have to work them. And doing it only once or twice won’t do the trick. It has to be done on an ongoing basis.

All successful linking campaigns rest on persistent and consistent activity. Here we have collected a few easy and no cost link building techniques that will help you rank better in the search engines, provided that they are applied constantly.

Article directories. Article marketing has always been and still is an excellent source for backlinks, provided you use the bio box wisely. However, some directories allow links to your web sites in the articles as well.

Some of the top directories won’t permit it if you blatantly link to your own sites. Still, who says you have to be blunt about it?

In your body text, you can point to a site that is different from the website in your author bio box. It does not have to be in the same niche. You can most likely find a justification or maybe two to link to a website that has not the same topic as your article.

Anyhow, if you can, think about starting another website in the same niche. Then you can give that site links (often “dofollow”-tagged) straight from the body text of your article.

Just two or three articles weekly can actually help out your site. And they will help you in two ways. They are part of good link building techniques as well as they boost trust and brand authority. However, please note that your articles have to be properly written and provide both, good information and help for the reader.

Press releases. Press releases are great for a number of reasons. For one thing, they can get you into Google’s news results. In some cases, they can move you straight onto the first page of Google!

Various keywords have various kinds of media display in regular Google search engine result pages. “Regular” results are web pages. Still, sometimes results from images search, blog search, video, shopping or news pop up on that first page. If you see news pop up, then it is worth your time to try a press release.

Web directories. Nobody talks much about these anymore, but they are still relevant. These can still play a good part in your link building techniques, although you should avoid the spammy looking ones. Especially pay attention to niche directories.

Be cautious not to submit to too many directories each month. A good practice would be submitting between one and four articles. Consistency and some variation are good techniques in your link building effort. Regular links show Google that your site is relevant. However, don’t link excessively, it can make you look in Google’s eyes as if you were buying links – and this wouldn’t help your link building techniques at all.


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