If you are like most Internet marketers, you want your website to appear on the first page of search engine results as close to the top as possible, and you are also looking for the ideal search engine optimization strategy to help you doing the trick. Large numbers of businesses understand that in order to achieve the kind of success they are looking for, bumping up to the top of search engine results list is often the critical factor in search engine optimization strategy | search engine optimization | seo | blogging toolsrealizing their goals. Let’s take a close look at a number of the most effective online search engine optimization strategies and the best ways to use them to make your business a success.

Method #1: On-Page Optimization

On-page optimization is the search engine optimization strategy that is one of the longest used and best tested one in existence. On the other hand, it is not nearly as effective as some other strategies that we will discuss. Not so long ago, on-page optimization would have been an excellent way to improve your standing in search engine results. Currently, however, it represents a mere 15 percent of not only your Page Rank but your total search engine ranking as well. However, you can be harmed in a big way if you don’t make effective use of it.

If you are wondering what on-page optimization is, it consists of utilizing factors like links that are SEO-friendly, optimizing keywords, including title tags and code optimized for SEO, using images that have alt tags as well as providing for deep navigation.

Method #2:  Article Marketing

Another extremely popular search engine optimization strategy that has been successfully used for quite a while is article marketing. In this method, you create well-crafted and informative articles that focus on one keyword and include links that take readers back to your website where they can purchase something. Then, in exchange for the link included in your article, article directories will publish them without charge once you have uploaded your articles.

Search engines will notice your website more because of the increased traffic the “back links” in your articles generate. Do not expect to write just one article and have droves of traffic stampeding to your website. In order to preserve the value those links have with respect to their SEO capability, you are going to have to write and post articles regularly.

Method #3:  Trusted-Site Back Linking

In order to make article marketing with back links as powerful and productive as possible, you want to look for what are known as trusted sites. If a website is highly regarded by Google, then it becomes a trusted site. A trusted site is one, for example, that has a .EDU or .GOV ending. In addition to information sources and major forums, Yahoo and DMOZ,a high-level directory, are also considered trusted sites.

Method #4:  Link Baiting

When you are able to produce content that attracts readers solely because of its high quality and the useful information it provides, then you are using a search engine optimization strategy known as link bating. Let’s say you have a web site that is devoted to dog training. Your article on the top 101 behavior problems that dogs experience will be sure to attract a large number of interested readers. Even though such an article may take you weeks to compose because of the enormous size of the content you are covering, it would make you an authority on the subject of dog training in addition to making other websites sit up and take notice.

Method #5: Social Media Marketing

While it is often incorrectly implemented, social media represent a much-used marketing tool in today’s world of online marketing. The goal is to make use of sites such as Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook to create a brand for yourself and your business that is widely recognized and trusted as a source of valuable information in a particular niche. To make this happen, you have to give your reader information regularly that is informative, and that they can use to help them solve problems or achieve goals.

Method #6: Vial Marketing

The goal of vial marketing is to get people to notice you in the same way that link baiting and social media are designed to do. Although the effectiveness of viral marketing as a search engine optimization strategy is difficult to measure, that efficiency is evident, nevertheless. If you are involved in giving away complimentary software, creating squeeze pages, offering free reports or producing YouTube videos, then you are practicing viral marketing.

Be forewarned – you are not going to move from the depths of anonymity to the top of the heap in your niche by employing just one of these strategies. On the other hand, the only way to get the valuable traffic your site needs and get it for free is to start using a combination of the strategies discussed here. More importantly, don’t be in too much of a rush and skip the critical planning phase of your search engine optimization strategy. The free traffic you desire can only be created by constantly testing multiple strategies that you implement and making adjustments when that testing shows the need for it.


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