How many projects have you been trying? Do you know why they all failed or at least why most of them failed? Ask yourself this question: How many traffic did I get for all of my projects? How much time did it take to set up and test run it?

If each of your projects is below 500 visitors daily, don’t expect much from it…! Did you try to get a lot of traffic but did not know how? It doesn’t matter what kind of traffic method you are using to get visitors. Either you are putting not enough time and effort into it for testing or you have done a very bad

keyword research!

Keyword research is the most important major component for the success of all projects! If you failed to get traffic, you definitely failed in your keyword research…! Keyword research will tell you what your market wants, and only with proper keyword research you can identify your traffic and revenue source.

One of the proper ways to do keyword research is participating in various forums of your niche. See what the questions are, what the keywords are they use and what the answers are. The results can be used as emails for your opt-in, or use those keywords to get more keywords and related theme keywords!

Do you know what a keyword modifier is? For example, if your keyword is registry cleaner and the keywords from the forums might be:

1. free registry cleaner
2. regclean discount
3. regcleaner coupon
4. what is the best registry cleaner
5. registry cleaner reviews

The seed keyword in this example is “registry cleaner”, “regclean” and “regcleaner”. The modifier is “discount”, “coupon”, what is the best”, “reviews” and “free”. You can combine all seed keywords with the modifier to create:

1. free regclean
2. free regcleaner
3. free registyr cleaner
4. regclean reviews
5. regcleaner reviews
6. regclean discount
7. regcleaner discount
8. regclean coupon
9. regcleaner coupon
10. and many more…

There is no limit to find the seed and modifier keywords. You should try to get as many as possible, because these will create your traffic, your sales and your successful business online… To all your success!


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