You may have heard of Elance, but you may be unsure about whether or not to use it, because you might not have found an unbiased Elance review yet. Well, Elance is like a virtual warehouse of freelance and independent contractors. You elance review | elance reviews | elance | reviews can find contractors living around the world with expertise in a myriad of skills, like graphic design, writing, programming and even administrative help.  However, what you really want to know is: Is Elance as good as it seems?

Buyers And Elance

If you are looking for someone to do some work, Elance is a buyer’s market. The entire site is built to cater to the person buying the services. All the services for the buyer are free. You only pay your contractor for the work they do, and at the price the two of you agree upon ahead of time. You can create your account and post the details of your first job in a matter of minutes. It is not difficult to sign up. As pointed out in most reviews, Elance is a smart site. It realizes that getting the buyer to sign up quickly is crucial to its success. After all, without someone willing to fork over some money, the site is useless.  

You can have your project request online in moments. Do slow down and read over the options on your project though. You want to be sure you have all the info up that you need. Otherwise, you are just opening yourself to contractors who will low ball their bids, but their work will be sub par. Any site that functions such as Elance has this drawback. You will get bidders who lack the skills you really want. Contractors must only have the money to pay their fees to have an account on Elance and bid on jobs.

You must weed through the numerous bids you may get from low quality contractors, who will bid low on your job. You really should interview prospective contractors. Ask them for work samples reflective of their skill level. You should also have checkpoints along the way so you do not get a nasty surprise at deadline time.

How About The Providers

There is an astonishing number of providers or contractors on Elance. So culling out the quality workers can be very difficult as most Elance review writers will probably tell you. The biggest thing holding Elance back are the massive numbers of mediocre providers with accounts. You cannot simply hire the lowest bid that comes in. The old adage about getting what you pay for certainly applies here. Do not expect to get high quality work for low wages. You will be hard-pressed to find someone quality for low wages. If you can simply expand your budget, you can draw providers with tremendous skill and ability. You can check out their scores and interview them to find a good fit. Each provider gets feedback for every job they do. You can track how much they have earned on the site as well as how many people have come back to hire them again.

Tools On Elance For Workroom

When you read an early Elance review, you will find that people applauded when Elance came onto the scene. They felt that its escrow system and reviews worked well. It was an early website of its kind and that definitely helped the site’s reviews. It is the contractor or provider who ultimately pays the fees. Elance receives its fees as soon as you submit payment through the site to the provider. There is a virtual workroom on Elance that allows you track how many hours the provider spent on your job. Right now, Elance is on the heels of Odesk in terms of their workroom hour tracking. However, they lack mobile apps and desktop tracking, like their competitor, Odesk.

Elance offers many options for invoices and payments. Still, in many reports quite a few Elance review writers show complains about the confusion these options cause. Thus, once the job is done, it can get very confusing. As a result, Elance is trying to upgrade and test their features. This means there is frequent tweaking of Elance systems and operations. Sometimes these tweaks are small. Other times, they should be called an overhaul. The entire system will look different. This can be difficult to understand to users as well. You will be hard-pressed for customer service. Documentation is also hard to come by.

The Final Word

Like most things, Elance has positives and negatives. An honest Elance review will tell you that there are enough good points about Elance to drive you to this site again and again for outsourcing. It is the largest site of its kind, with the most providers of anyone out there. There is also a tremendous network, unlike any other. Buyers can use Elance for free and instantly have access to the best in global providers.  Sometimes the site is confusing, and it can be hard to swim through the throngs of low quality, low balling bids from providers. This can be a problem. Additionally, often it is difficult to discern a provider’s location. This can be crucial information in certain fields and deadlines.

However, all that aside, Elance can be a tremendous help to you. You can split up your workload so you can live your life. Resist relying too heavily on outsourcing though. You still need to keep your thumb on the projects. Be sure to interview works carefully and proofread their work. Take advantage of ratings, feedback and samples so you can make the best pick possible.


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