If you are doing Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for your website or you rely heavily on SEO to deliver traffic to your site, you must read this article. SEO will take a long time to build and sustain before you see massive results… But everybody is missing this strategy that will deliver always great results in the shortest time possible!

We call it the low hanging fruit SEO – long tail keyword strategy.

When you do keyword research, you will identify the major keywords in your market. Normally these keywords are highly competitive, and many SEO experts will start to optimize your whole site for the main

keywords, hoping to get a lot search engine traffic which always fails. It is a stupid strategy!

You should try to find the long tail keywords related to your market and easily tap into search engine traffic with the least competition, and because long tail keywords are targeted, you can convert your visitors to sales easier. Here is why:

Reason #1 – The search engine will show the long tail keyword search with the general (major keywords) result if the Search Engine failes to find the web page that is optimized for the long tail keyword result. However, if your web page is optimized for those long tail keywords, the search engine will prefer them as they are more targeted for the searchers!

Reason #2 – Less competition long tail keyword will be easier to rank higher. You can easily use web 2.0 ranking power to easily rank on page #1 for any long tail keywords, and with minimum back links effort you can out rank any competitor easily!

Reason #3 – Long tail keywords will deliver results faster! If you are targeting the correct sets of long tail keywords, you can easily tap into the search engine traffic within the least time.

The best way to research long tail keywords is through forum and community sites like Yahoo Answer. You can find many related long tail keywords for your niche, and many searchers will actually use them , and yet they are still ignored by many SEO experts!


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