If you think that social networks like MySpace and Facebook are just for teens, think again. Internet marketers, blogger, and webmasters are creating profiles on social networking sites in order to increase web traffic to their site, share news and make connections.

These social network sites are fantastic because they provide connections with “friends” acrossocial networks | social networking sites | social networking | web traffics the world. What is the benefit to your business? You get to “meet” other business owners in your niche market as well as potential customers who are interested in what you have to sell.

Social networks are popular among individuals, marketers, musical groups and television stations. This allows people, who otherwise would never have connected, to interact with each other. In fact, millions of people log onto social networking sites each day.

As an Internet marketer, you will want to take advantage of these high profile sites by joining, creating a page, and using status updates about your business. Every time you update your status, people who have joined your network of friends will get that update.

Although you cannot place ads on your page, you may provide a direct link to your website and broadcast e-mails to your friends and followers. You can also mention your business in your profile and create and join groups of like-minded people.

For instance, let’s say that you are a business coach, and you want to increase your visibility and brand awareness. You can create a group called “Entrepreneurs in Action.” Once you create this group, others can join your group or become a fan of your group.

Once you have established the group, start talking. Bring up issues that are relevant to the group members. Interact with members. Establish your credibility by positioning yourself as an authority. As you interact with the community, you are increasing brand awareness for your product or service.
One of the major benefits of joining social networks is that they rank high on search engines. With a worldwide audience at your disposal, you can reach out to people across the globe.

The interactivity makes social networking sites very popular. Interactive applications allow you to make fun connections and play games with your friends. Include your link, an RSS feed and update the information to your site frequently to drive traffic to your site. You should also use the comment sections to increase awareness about your business.

Although there are literally hundreds of social networking sites, here are some of the most favored ones: Facebook, Flixster, Myspace, Ryze, Bebo, weebly, friendfeed, LinkedIn, Classmates, del.icio.us, YouTube.

Other sites, such as Twitter, allow you to post continuous updates that others can see. You can tell them about your latest project, send links to your followers and engage in casual interactions with other Twitter users.

The reason why people get addicted to these social networks is that they can feel like they are part of the action. Frequent updates, as small as they may seem, keep followers coming back for more.

If you haven’t joined a social networking site, you are losing the opportunity to network with millions of people worldwide. Experienced marketers know the unlimited income potential of the social networks’ phenomenon as well as to use these sites as a great tool to increase their web traffic.


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