So you have got some old content that you never used and half a dozen PLR packages that you never even opened, just laying around taking up space on your hard drive. Maybe you are frustrated you bought the content and never used it, or feeling silly that you even bought that 27-niche super-discount pack of PLR articles. Well, it’s time to increase traffic to your blog by turning this random content into targeted content.

And it’s time to quit feeling bad. Because you can put this content to work and turn it into targeted content – and you don’t even have to buy hosting or a domain name!


First, go to the Google external keyword tool. Google it if you don’t have it bookmarked already. Under “How would you like to generate keyword ideas?” click “Website Content”.

If you do not have your content up on a website just yet, don’t fret. Just click the sentence that says “Or, enter your own text in the box below.”  Then, copy and paste your text.

Now, just click the “Get Keyword Ideas” button. Instant keyword research!

(After you see your results, you might want to go back and click the “filter my results” text. It’s very possible you will get some results that you don’t have any use for. Even with the filter, some of your results might not be worth much. However, it’s likely that some will.)

Now you are ready to post your content – on someone else’s site!

The sites I am talking about are Web 2.0 sites. So technically, they are your sites – yours and everybody else’s! The sites themselves may be communal, the pages you make will be yours.

Do a little bit of research on what kinds of products are selling with those keywords. This isn’t too hard. Just take the keywords that had any search volume at all and search for them in Google. The keywords that bring up Adwords ads on the right side of the page are the ones you want. Find out what products those people are selling.

Make a Squidoo page, a Hubpages page, whatever you want. Remake your title to target whatever keyword goes with the best money-maker. This doesn’t have to be a product – you can make a lot of money doing leads as well. Now, tag your page with the term AND with the more valuable related keywords that Google showed you. Now ping your tag pages.

If you want, you can also Stumble or Digg your new page, submit it to directories, point other lenses or Web 2.0 pages at it – or just tag, ping and leave it there. More effort will always give you better results. However, even if you don’t feel like putting much effort into it, you have still put some pages up that have your money-making links on them. And your targeted content will increase traffic to your blog and do more for you on these pages than it will just by sitting on your hard drive!


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